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Review : Kapatadhaari – Only for a few thrills |

Kapatadhaari movie review

hero sumanth’s new movie, kapatadhaari, has created curiosity among the audience with its promotions. Directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, the film has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


a traffic policeman named gautam (sumanth), who is fed up with his routine work decides to enter the branch of crime and begins to get closer to his high officials. this is the time, three unidentified skulls are found near a subway construction site. As the police department neglects the incident, Gautam takes charge of the case and begins a secret investigation. Is there a great story behind the three skulls? how do actors like nassar and jayaprakash interrelate with the whole plot? which forms the story.

positive points:

sumanth is fit and convincing in the role of a traffic cop. he went out of his way to bring depth to the proceedings with his established performance. All the scenes of him with the senior actors Nassar and Jayaprakash have been decently presented in the second half of the film.

The way the entire mystery behind the skulls has been clearly revealed by connecting the dots over the last twenty minutes looks good. the actor, who played the role of the key politician, is decent in the character of him.

heroine nandita swetha is cute but her screen time is limited to just a couple of scenes. It is also the case of the comedian Vennela Kishore.

negative points:

The first half of the film proceeds at a slow pace without a proper clue as to what is happening in the narrative. Since the proceedings lack soul, the performance of all the actors seems artificial over time.

A traffic cop investigating a crime case loses his mind in many scenes. technically things should have been shown in detail for the audience to understand.

While the mysterious investigation scenes and the crossover scenes between Sumanth, Nassar and Jayaprakash are acceptable, some cinematic liberties should have been avoided to lend more authenticity to the narrative.

technical team:

director pradeep krishnamoorthy handled the film decently, but should have focused more on the first half by avoiding some slow motion scenes. praveen kl’s edit is fine, but should have reduced the execution time by almost ten minutes.

rasamathi’s cinematography is good as it presented the night shots in a natural way. Simon K King’s music is enjoyable as his background score adds depth to the proceedings. creative artist banner production values ​​are fit for your backdrop.


Overall, kapatadhaari is a mystery thriller that has engaging storytelling only for the last twenty minutes. if you ignore the slow and artificial first half and some logic, kapatadhaari ends like clockwork this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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