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Keshava movie review

Since the moment the keshava trailers were released, there has been a lot of buzz for this movie. the creators have gone all out and have also promoted the movie on a large scale. The gritty revenge drama finally hit the screens today and let’s see what it’s like.


The story of the film is based on a law school student named (keshav) who is on a quest to kill all those who destroyed his family in a terrible accident. Keshava commits a series of murders and a special officer (isha koppikar) is appointed to deal with the case. The rest of the story is how Keshav dodges the police and completes revenge on him with the help of Satyabhama (ritu varma).

positive points:-

keshava is definitely nikhil’s movie until the last scene. credit must go to the young actor for choosing such a dark role and rehearsing it so easily. Nikhil’s performance is one of Keshava’s greatest assets. From the very first scene, it contains his emotions and shows how intense he can be in his performance. the way he commits his crimes and delivers a resolute performance will earn him a lot of applause.

another advantage of the film is sudheer varma’s elegant narration. even though she chooses a routine script, the way she has displayed it with style is what clicks. the way he reveals the chapter of the movie and brings several twists in the good. Vennela Kishore’s comedy works very well for the film. The ace comedian is in the elements of it with his subtle yet hilarious act.

ritu varma looks decent and skillfully supports nikhil in all his endeavors. the suspense that builds throughout the first half is very good and is shown in a gripping way. isha koppikar makes a decent comeback and is a perfect fit as a cop. Anasuya’s voice suits Isha perfectly.

negative points:-

The story of the film is quite simple and there is not much to look forward to, as the film unfolds entirely on the script. although the motive is good enough for the hero to take revenge, things could have been shown in a more gripping and harsh way for the audience to connect.

The heart disorder shown through Nikhil’s character has not been treated well. The director had a good opportunity to improve procedures through this problem, but he missed the opportunity.

technical aspects:-

keshava is a very stylish movie that has been released recently. diwakar mani’s camerawork is amazing as it keeps the mood of the film with its intense lighting and visual effects. the drone shots used to show off the various chases and tense scenes look amazing. the background score is fine and could have been better. sunny m r’s music is ok and doesn’t have much to talk about. the editing is quite slick and so was the art direction. Abhishek Pictures’ production values ​​are top notch as the small towns of the Godavari region have been lavishly displayed.

As for director sudheer varma, his strength has always been stylish storytelling and also with this film, he has made a simple theme seem quite intense. the way he pulls off nikhil’s performance and introduces the film is a serious note is very good. credit must go to him for not shying away from the theme by adding unnecessary business elements. however, he speeds up the film during the second half and takes some cinematic liberties.


Overall, nikhil once again lives up to its hype and delivers a different crime thriller. his acting is top notch and he is the mainstay of the movie. Sudheer Varma’s elegant storytelling, engaging first half, and stunning visuals are staple assets of the film. however, the movie slows down slightly during the second half with too much going on quickly. If you keep your expectations in check and come well prepared, Nikhil and his team will ensure you have a stylish crime thriller to watch this weekend. rating: 3.25/5

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