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Khaidi 150 movie review

khaidi no 150 is probably one of the most anticipated films of recent times. One can easily say that no movie has created as much buzz as Khaidi as Chiranjeevi’s comeback movie after nine long years. the masala animator has hit the screens today and let’s see how it turns out.


kaththi seenu (chiranjeevi) is a happy and lucky thief who escapes from prison and plans to leave the country for good. One fine day, he comes across an accident and helps the man affected by it.

The twist in the story comes when seenu discovers that the man (shankar) he saved is exactly like him. he cleverly sends shankar back to jail in his place and quietly enters his life to earn more money.

There, he learns that Shankar’s life is miserable as he is the only man helping the downtrodden farmers in his village. Upset by this, Seenu decides to take charge of Shankar’s problems and launches a big fight against the corporate companies behind all of this. how do you solve all these problems for the rest of the story?

positive points:-

The first thing that comes to mind once you start watching the movie is if Chiru really took a nine year gap. from the first frame, it impresses you big time. Even after all these years, Chiru’s screen presence, comedic timing, and performance haven’t diminished one bit.

Whether it’s his crazy dialogues or his amazing dance moves, everything will make mega fans happy. Chiru’s acting during the emotional scenes and the climax brings a lot of depth to the film. kajal looks beautiful in the movie and fits very well in the frame with chiru. Not once do you feel like the couple looks weird.

The first half of the movie is quite windy with a hard-hitting interval block. credit should also go to devi sri prasad for giving excellent musical score as all songs will be much loved by all. especially, the situation becomes euphoric during the last song where charan makes an entrance.

negative points:-

You can easily tell that the villain is a huge weak link for the movie. Probably, a best actor star should have been a good match for Chiru’s star power. there are no strong confrontation scenes between the hero and the villain that would have elevated the movie to another level.

Although the farmers’ problems are well stated, the solution given during the climax seems pretty clear. Also, the story of the movie is normal and has no interesting twists. the second half of the movie gets a bit serious and slows down during the climax.

technical aspects:-

Like I said before, devi rocks big with her music. the icing on the cake is its background score which lifts the movie to a decent level. Special credit should be given to Dop Ratnavelu for capturing Chiru in such an impressive way and making you stand in disbelief that Chiru is actually an actor in his 60s. Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues are heavy and give the front benches some happy moments. Ram Charan’s production values ​​are top notch. It hasn’t compromised one bit with the movie, as the song placements and visuals look top notch.

The style done for chiru by her sushmita daughter is excellent as the mega star looks quite young and wears all the vibrant colors very well. Special mention deserves all the choreographers who have done a magnificent job on the songs. Each song has some graceful moments and Chiru sets the house on fire with her signature steps.

as for the vinayak director, he has done a wonderful job with the film. kudos to him for adapting the new version according to chiru’s height and presenting him in a way that fans had missed for a long time. From Chiru’s performance to showing farmers’ troubles, Vinayak has narrated the movie decently. if he had adjusted the second half and closed the climax quickly, the effect would have been even better.


Overall, khaidi no 150 is a typical crowd entertainer. The film is poised to break records and has everything we expect from a star hero like Chiranjeevi. he makes a forceful comeback and proves that even at this age he can give every star hero a run for his money. If you ignore the predictable storyline and boring climax, chiru’s one-man show, excellent songs, and a good message make this movie a good choice to watch this festival season. rating: 3.25/5

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