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Editor’s note: This column has been updated to include a comment from Kim Mulkey.

If you dance with the devil, you’ll get burned. if you play for kim mulkey, you will be written out.

It’s been almost a week since we woke up to the news that Brittney Griner was free after the United States participated in a prisoner swap with Russia for arms dealer Viktor Bout. Since then, we’ve read and heard stories about how Griner joined the flight crew on his plane, wanting to talk for hours and enjoying human interaction. or how in his first practice in months, the first move he made on a basketball court was a dunk.

but do you know what we barely hear or read about?

kim mulkey’s “statement” on griner.

“God is good. prayers are powerful,” Mulkey told espn. “Brittney is on his way home, where he belongs. our prayers remain with her and her family as they recover and heal together.”

Those 29 words are all he could muster. That number jumps to 32 when you remember that prior to that date, the only thing we’d heard from Mulkey about the Griner situation is that he said “and you won’t,” when asked why he hadn’t spoken for a few months. behind.

Mulkey, formerly the griner’s coach at baylor, who is now at lsu, has always been two things: a great coach and a terrible person. But, at some point, one of those things has to mean more than the other, and that time is now. After this season, all players on the LSU women’s basketball team must enter the transfer portal, and all recruits must break ties with Mulkey.

sounds a bit extreme?

well, it should. extreme measures are the only thing mulkey has left us to work with.

if 29 words are all you can dedicate to a player who helped you win a national championship after an undefeated 40-0 season, then no one on your current and future teams has a chance of being anything more than a name and a number. in a list for you.

sadly, mulkey’s actions are not shocking given the way he has historically proven to be. This is a woman who wanted the NCAA to eliminate covid-19 testing during the final four. she was also on record for practically begging trump to invite her team to the white house, and she stood by and publicly supported a baylor athletic department that was involved in arguably the worst sexual assault scandal we’ve ever seen in a University campus. she also once allegedly told her players that they had to hide her sexuality. “It was a question of recruitment. The coaches thought if they seemed to tolerate it, people wouldn’t let their kids come play for Baylor,” Griner told ESPN in 2013.

kim mulkey doesn’t care about his players. she has shown us that status doesn’t matter either. You could be the best she’s ever trained or a chaperone at the end of the bench, she doesn’t care. if she ever needs support, she is the last person she should call.

all lsu players should clean out their lockers. because if your trainer doesn’t give a damn about brittney griner, she definitely won’t give a damn about you.

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