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Krishnashtami telugu movie review

talented hero sunil, has been in hiding for the past two years. Not giving up hope, he is back with a krishnashtami, a family entertainer, who has hit the screens today. Let’s see if Sunil gets a well-deserved break from him.


krishna(sunil) is an nri who always dreams of settling back in india. every time he plans a trip to india, something goes wrong and his family asks him to stay. After some time, an upset Krishna decides to go to India without the consent of his family.

As soon as he lands in India, he is attacked by an unknown group and meticulously escapes from the scare. During this time, Krishna also gets stuck in a sticky situation and ends up in a typical Rayalaseema family. Arriving at his house, he is attacked once more and also survives.

To his surprise, he discovers that the whole family is after his life. what will krishna do now? Why is he being attacked? How will he handle this feared family? and where do nikki garlani and dimple chopade appear in this entire montage? To find out the answers, you need to see the movie in theaters.

positive points:-

sunil has tried to give his best and as always he is good with his dances. Nikki Garlani makes a decent Tollywood debut and does well in whatever role is offered to her. the last half hour during the first half is very interesting and has some good moments.

One chase scene in particular has been superbly executed and raises the film to a decent level. the explosion of intervals and the way the suspense is revealed during this time is also good. viva rough is fine in her role, as are ashutosh rana and mukesh rishi.

negative points:-

one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the character of sunil. the way the creators have made it seem quite subdued is disappointing. Sunil, who has always been known for his animated comedy, looks pale and out of place in the film.

After the interval, the film is dragged into an unnecessary area and the proceedings are made to look silly. the main objective of the film is left out and the secondary characters do not have much depth in their roles either.

Another big disadvantage of the film is the presence of songs. they test your patience to another level and keep popping up at regular intervals disrupting the flow of the movie in a big way.

technical aspects:-

The production values ​​are top notch as the movie is shot in some rich locations. chota k naidu’s camera work is excellent and he is the only reason the film looks good visually. the dialogues are decent and so was the art direction. at least three songs could easily have been edited into the movie.

Coming to director vasu varma, even though the plot line he has chosen is decent, its execution is sub-par. Just when you feel like the movie is getting interesting, a tedious script and unwanted scenes take center stage and send the proceedings running amok.


Audiences are generally very used to sunil’s comedy and antics on screen. but sadly that is missing in a big way with her role in krishnashtami. Interesting interval blast and a few comedy scenes here and there are staple assets of this movie. watch it only if you have nothing else to do, as this movie has nothing new to offer and ends up being a stale, routine family drama. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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