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Kudi yedamaithe movie review

Video Kudi yedamaithe movie review

aha is back with another original web series called kudi yedamaithe, directed by pawan kumar. the eight-episode web series is out now and let’s see what it’s like.


aadi(rahul vijay) is a delivery man who wants to become an actor. he gets stuck in a time loop and realizes that on February 29 he is coming to life, over and over again. the same goes for ci durga (amala paul) too. in all this, there are several kidnappings that are happening in the city and a young pregnant woman is in danger of being killed. how aadi and durga’s time loops are connected to real life and how they keep things from going wrong is the whole story of kudi yedamaithe.

bonus points

one of kudi yedamaithe’s show stealers is the young actor rahul vijay who lands a smart role in the show. this series gives him a lot of room to act. Rahul finds himself in the same situations over and over again but he has to give different expressions each time and he did very well in the series and it’s the best part of the show.

amala paul plays a police officer who has a drinking problem. the star heroine looks a bit rustic at the start of the show, but she manages to hold her own by the end. all of her investigation scenes are almost fine. the supporting cast is brand new and does her job well.

The first two episodes are brilliantly narrated and create a curiosity factor in the show. the production values ​​and the night effect are well displayed in the show. the whole angle of the kidnappers and the way they deal with crime is also impressive.

negative points

One of the biggest drawbacks is the loop factor in which the story is told. a single day is shown multiple times and this looks good on paper with different events. but the director has wasted so much time that he shows a scene at least four times, which was not necessary at all.

The emotional angle is missing in the show as the crimes are committed or the way the cops deal with the whole crime angle is weak. the script is unique and the repetition of scenes could have been avoided.

the connection between the characters of aadi and durga is not shown well and it is inefficiently explained why they are in a loop. the series gets boring from episodes 4 and 5 and only draws attention in the last three.

technical aspects

The production values ​​of the series are top notch. the bgm is decent but could have been a bit better in the end. the dialogues are good and so was the production design. the costumes, makeup and camera angles that show the night effect are good.

as for director pawan kumar, his concept is good. he starts off with a solid bang, but confuses the audience with the multi-layered script that’s hard for a regular audience to understand. in addition, he does not complete the turns and rushes the end. more than the crime angle, he focuses a lot of time on the time loop that bores the audience in the middle parts.


Overall, kudi yedamaithe is a web series that has a very interesting premise. It starts off with a bang and creates an intriguing factor for the audience for the most part. the middle episodes with some repeated scenes get a bit boring, but the rest of the series has interesting emotions and tense performances, making it a good option to watch this weekend. rating: 3/5

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