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Lajja Movie Review (2016) – Rating, Cast & Crew With Synopsis

Lajja telugu movie review

lajja is about a woman who leads a miserable life because of her husband, who is very strict. he tries to control her and always wants to make decisions for her. it is a forceful film that will move the audience.

plot: is a female-centered movie, where the main character, suseela, is struggling with her problems related to personal life. she is fed up with her current life with her husband. One day she meets a young man named Varun with whom she falls in love. She chooses to start living a new life with Varun and thus runs away with him. but later, something deformed takes place in her life. what is that incident that happens and therefore constitutes the rest of the story?

Analysis: The picture has been directed by a very talented director, Narasimha Nandi Narsimha Nandi, born as Narsimha Reddy is an India >> Read More… Narasimha Nandi , who has earlier proved himself through films like Kamala Tho Prayanam. Thus he should be appreciated for his hard- hitting plot. The editing of the flick is good and decent, and the music in it has given it a special effect.

Star performances: the role of suseela is played by madhumita. her excellent acting skills have left the audience speechless and moved. another actor, shiva, has given all his support to the character of suseela and, therefore, it is liked by the people.

what’s there?

1. As the film is focused on women, it shows the strength of will and how strong a woman can be when she comes across big problems in her life.

2. dialogue is well written and delivered in such a way that viewers can connect with it.

3. how the woman deals with these practical problems has been revealed in the film.

4. the chemistry between them is good and much appreciated.

5. the music has completed the effect of the movie.

what isn’t there?

1. the climax of the picture is not at all up to par. thus, in the end, it disappoints the spectators.

2. the story progresses at a very slow pace, which makes the audience very bored.

3. Some scenes shown don’t connect to the story and are a bit confusing.

4. the film has no commercial value and would be difficult for a regular viewer to digest.

Verdict: The film is based on the theme of a very famous novel. Since it is difficult to make movies about very famous books, lajja does not meet people’s expectations. Although the creators have tried their best to run the image, but the climax drives it down.

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