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chronological order of children’s books read:

1: second son (short story) 2: intense heat (short story) 3: the enemy 4: night school 5: the matter then read in publication order.

boy biography reads:

Lee Child, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, is best known for his title character, Jack Reacher. In fact, Lee Child has written all of the “Jack Reacher” books, though he’s been co-writing with his brother since 2020. The plan is for Andrew Child to take over the series. Tom Cruise played the title character in a movie titled, simply, “Jack Reacher.” and a sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Lee Child has also received several awards, including the Anthony and Barry Awards for Best First Book Mystery for his first Jack Reacher novel, “King Floor.”

Another Reacher novel, “The Enemy,” won the Barry and Nero Awards for Best Novel. With all this accolades, you’d think Lee Child was born to be an author. but as is so often the case, his success story has many twists and turns that lead him down the road to writing his best-selling novels and ultimately creating this compelling character. Jim Grant was born on October 29, 1954 in Coventry, England. The boy and his family moved to Birmingham when he was four.

at the age of 20, in 1974, the boy entered law school in sheffield, england. it is said that he never intended to actually practice law. After graduating, he decided to get a job in commercial television and joined Granada TV in Manchester. the boy would end up working there for 18 years before being laid off as a result of a “corporate restructuring.” during that time he wrote countless commercials, news, and previews. it was 1995 and the boy was 40 years old.

after buying six dollars worth of paper and pencils, she decided to try writing. Lee Child then wrote his first catcher novel, “Kill Floor”. The Reacher novels are not the only works Lee Child has published. she has also written the short stories, “second son” and “in the background”. they are now available as e-books. boy moved to new york in the summer of 1998. there he met his wife, jane. his 2012 book, “a wanted man”, is dedicated to her. together they have an older daughter, an apartment in manhattan and a house in the south of france. the boy also counts his numerous plane trips between his two homes as his “third house.”

Her brother, Andrew Grant, is also a thriller novelist. In his spare time, the boy likes to read, listen to music, and watch the New York Yankees. He was elected president of the Mystery Writers of America in 2009. He is also available to give talks and has his own website, never before has a character, especially in a book, become an enigma. As one reads these novels, one gets an immediate picture of who Jack Reacher is and what he is like.

jack reacher has his own biography and statistics. he was born on October 29 without a middle name. this is mentioned several times throughout the books. reacher frequently tells people that his name on his birth certificate is “jack none reacher”. he is a large, extremely large and ominous man, weighing between 220 and 250 pounds and standing 6 and a half feet tall. His chest is 50 inches wide and he wears a size 3xl coat and his pants inseam is 38 inches.

Born on a military base in Berlin, Jack Reacher and his brother Joe moved around a lot as kids. now both his mother and his father and his brother have passed away. reacher left home at the age of eighteen and later graduated from west point. He served 13 years in the military jumping from major to captain and finally made it back to major before leaving the service in 1997. Reacher does not have a driver’s license, receives no federal benefits, and does not file taxes. he often wonders what he does for money.

He’s a decorated military man. The Reacher buried the Silver Star with his mother and has also received the Defense Superior Service Medal, Bronze Star and Purple Heart to name a few from him. to say that he has special “abilities” is probably an understatement. In many of the novels, Reacher is in the wrong place at the wrong time, but ends up using Reacher’s abilities to resolve even the most dangerous situations. In “Killing Floor,” for example, the first of the Reacher novels, the Reacher is arrested for murder shortly after arriving in Margrave, Georgia.

The victim turns out to be his own brother whom he hasn’t seen in seven years. It doesn’t help that the main eyewitness is the police chief who claims to have seen the reacher at the scene. the reacher knows that he was getting on a bus in tampa at the time. With the help of a Harvard-educated chief detective and a female officer, Reacher follows his brother’s footsteps to solve the mystery. Of course, all of this happens in a span of just three days.

This magnificent adventure easily captivates the reader and creates a relationship with the scope that is hard to forget. In Reacher’s second novel, “Die Trying,” a Chicago dentist is attacked and thrown into the trunk of his own car. Coincidentally, Reacher and a woman he doesn’t even know are taken hostage in broad daylight.

always the gentleman, reacher was only “with” this woman because she was limping and struggling with her crutches and of course he stopped to help her. it turns out that she is an fbi agent. they are held hostage for ransom. together, reacher and this woman must work together and act as a team to get out of their predicament.

As only a reacher can, he engages with this woman and uses his charm and wits, not to mention his incredible intelligence and skills, to not only get them out safely, but also take down criminals. The great thing about Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels is that they can be read in any order.

lee child provides enough background in each book to update the reader without making it sound repetitive or redundant. With all of these exciting, often crazy, and sometimes unimaginable situations that Jack Reacher finds himself in in the course of his day-to-day life, it’s easy to see how a reader can get caught up and not really care. it’s what makes each and every novel special. It’s what makes Lee Child a true master of storytelling.

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