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This article will be an extension of the article I just wrote titled “the story of moses”. As I said in that article, I believe this man has one of the most powerful and dramatic stories in the entire Old Testament.

There are important lessons to be learned from this man’s story and adventure in God.

for all you aspiring eagles in god, i think moses and king david are two great role models for all of us to study and learn from.

Both were true heroes of the faith and there is much to learn from their stories in the Lord. this article will be about what we can learn from the story of moses and what we can each take with us on our own individual journey with the lord.

1. personal relationship with god

As I have said numerous times in many of my other articles, the first thing God wants to do with each of us is to establish a close, intimate, personal relationship.

Moses definitely did this with God the Father! The bible may have given moses two of the highest and best accolades anyone could hope to receive from god himself.

here are the two verses that give moses these two amazing compliments straight from the lord himself:

  • “This is how the Lord spoke with Moses face to face, as anyone speaks with his friend.” (Exodus 33:11)
  • “But from that time on, a prophet like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face, never arose in Israel.” (deuteronomy 34:10)
  • The second verse is one of the last verses at the end of this man’s story. It’s a very fitting statement and compliment to end the story of him in god.

    These verses obviously refer to Moses’ face-to-face encounters with God at the burning bush and on top of Mount Sinai when he received the 10 commandments from God the Father.

    However, what you really need to understand is that even though God initiated this kind of direct contact with Moses, Moses walked in and wasn’t afraid to meet God face to face and one on one!

    the bible says that when god first manifested his presence on top of mount sinai, all the other israelites were scared to death of god.

    they told moses that he should go there and talk to god for them so they wouldn’t die from coming in direct contact with the lord. Here are the exact words from the bible of the fear they had with their own god:

    Then they said to Moses: “You talk to us and we will listen to you; but that god does not speak with us, so that we do not die.” (Exodus 20:19)

    Their fear of God is exactly the same fear that many Christians still have today. They know that the Bible tells them that God wants to have this individual personal relationship with each of us, but they are too afraid to get close to God to have this kind of intimate personal relationship with him.

    I won’t go into the different reasons why many people are afraid to establish a close personal relationship with the lord in this article. but suffice it to say that this is what god really wants, and if you are willing to go in fearlessly like moses did, this will be the beginning of a new and adventurous life for you with the lord.

    Moses did two powerful things that drastically changed the course and quality of his life:

    • He entered and followed God’s personal call for his life.
    • He entered into a good intimate and personal relationship with God the Father.
    • look at these two things as a 1-2 punch.

      Surrender your life totally to God the Father, ask him to place you in his perfect will for your life, find out what your calling and purpose is going to be for him, and then don’t be afraid to enter into a dynamic, powerful and personal relationship with him.

      If every Christian were willing to do both, I believe God would take them to heights and adventures that would possibly be beyond their wildest dreams.

      I’m not saying that we’re all going to have the same kind of story that Moses had, but many of you can definitely testify that all of your lives have changed for the better and that your lives are very exciting in the Lord. he constantly keeps us guessing and wondering what he is going to do next in our lives.

      For those of you who have never taken one or both of the above steps with the Lord, just imagine and visualize the story of Moses as I described it to you in my last article.

      God is no respecter of persons. Look what happened to this man’s mundane life in the desert once he completely surrendered his entire life to God’s calling on his life, and then had enough courage and faith to enter into a very powerful personal relationship with God the father.

      Dare to let God do the same for you. God will work with anyone who is willing to enter this realm with him.

      2. Moses was not afraid of the manifest presence of God

      Moses was not only unafraid of entering into an intimate, up close and personal relationship with the Lord, but he was also unafraid of the manifest presence of God.

      some of you may have had some amazing manifestation activity with the lord, and most of it was with the holy spirit.

      However, what we have discovered is that this type of supernatural activity can scare many people, just as it did to the Israelites when God first appeared on Mount Sinai.

      It is one thing to know that God and Jesus are in heaven at a safe distance from all of us, but quite another once someone begins to receive direct manifestation activity from the lord.

      people seem really afraid of any kind of direct contact with god.

      but for those of you who have had some sort of supernatural activity direct from the lord, I’m sure you can testify that there is absolutely nothing to fear in reference to the manifestations we have all received.

      I won’t delve further into this topic in this article, as it would be a complete article in itself.

      However, for those of you who are very comfortable and very appreciative of these manifestations when they happen, just remember the story of moses and how amazing it really is when god decides to manifest himself to you in some way. that he should choose to do so.

      it really is an incredible blessing and makes our walk in the lord so much more fun and exciting!

      3. moses was an excellent representative of god

      The Bible says we are to be ambassadors for Christ. we are the representatives of him.

      one of the most amazing things about the story of moses is that moses remained loyal, loyal and faithful to god the father throughout the entire 40 year journey in the wilderness.

      The Bible says that the Israelites complained, moaned and lamented constantly for their fate. not enough food, not enough water, not enough this, not enough that.

      the bible says that they lacked nothing. god made sure they had enough manna raining down from heaven daily to keep them adequately fed.

      They also had no problem with God providing them with adequate shelter and protection. even so this was not enough.

      and remember, every one of the Israelite men aged 20 and over failed to enter the promised land due to their lack of faith in the lord and their failure to follow him fully.

      therefore, moses was constantly surrounded by negativity and pessimism with all these people around him.

      and yet moses never got tired of talking about god and making sure all of god’s laws and commandments were enforced among the people.

      4. standing in the gap

      Moses personally did one of the most amazing things in the entire Old Testament: he made God change his mind!

      when moses was on mount sinai for 40 days and 40 nights with god the father receiving the 10 commandments and many of the other basic laws and commandments that god wanted his people to live by, the israelites were down in the background of the mountain making a false idol as a golden calf.

      When god sees this, he is so enraged that he literally wants to consume the Israelites right there. However, when moses sees how angry god is becoming and what he wants to do with these people, moses immediately “steps into the gap” for his people and begins to try to reason and plead with god. as to why he should change his mind and not kill them.

      here is the verse that tells you word for word what moses said to god to change his mind:

      Then Moses prayed to the Lord his God, and said: “Lord, why does your anger burn against your people, whom you brought out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand?

      Why should the Egyptians speak and say: “He brought them out to hurt them, to kill them in the mountains and to wipe them off the face of the earth?”

      turn away from your fierce anger, and repent of this harm to your people. remember abraham, isaac and israel, your servants, to whom you swore by yourselves, and you said to them: I will multiply your offspring as the stars of heaven; and all this land of which I have spoken I will give to your descendants, and they will inherit it forever. “ then the lord of evil repented that he said he would do to the people of him .” (Exodus 32:11-14)

      this part of the story of moses shows you the power of intercessory prayer and what prayer can accomplish if properly approached to god.

      God can be moved to answer prayer, especially prayers that come from the heart. standing in the gap means that you personally stand in the gap for someone else. you are praying to god for someone else.

      sometimes people can be too weak to pray for themselves. Other times, some people are not saved or do not have a real established personal relationship with God and do not trust God enough to answer their personal prayers.

      There could be many different reasons why you would have to stand in the gap for another person and go to God and ask him to do something specific for that other person.

      Moses gives a perfect example of how to step into the gap to intercede for another person.

      If moses can do this, so can any other christian who has established a good working relationship with the lord. this kind of prayer can save lives, transform lives, and alter the course of natural events.

      there are other verses of scripture that say we can approach god to reason with him, to make our case before him.

      this means you can talk, reason, plead, and sometimes persuade god to change his mind about something.

      Moses is a very good role model and example of how to enter into intercessory prayer with God the Father for another person.

      5. the anointing

      when god first contacts moses, he tells moses that he has chosen him to go to egypt to free the children of israel from their plight with the egyptians.

      Moses then begins to argue with god who he is to accomplish such a mission, that he is too slow of speech and tongue, and that god consider asking someone else to do this for him.

      god then replies to moses that he has nothing to worry about, that he will be with him, and that he will be with his mouth and teach him what to say.

      in other words, god was telling moses that his anointing would be on him to accomplish this incredible task.

      the story of moses is a dramatic example of the “anointing in action” working through an individual to accomplish what seemed like an impossible mission.

      but look what happened when moses came out and came into the power and anointing of god! He literally accomplished the impossible through the power of god and as a result changed the entire course of Jewish history!

      The odds were stacked against Moses accomplishing such a task! However, the Bible says that nothing is impossible for God the Father.

      There’s nothing I can’t do!

      This story proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s supernatural power can overcome any situation, no matter how hopeless it may appear to you in the natural.

      6. the tabernacle – god will guide you daily

      One of the most amazing things that happened on the Israelites’ 40-year journey into the wilderness was the construction of a tabernacle to house the manifest presence of God. once this tabernacle was built, the manifest presence of god descended in the form of a cloud during the day and of fire during the night.

      during the day, the cloud would lift and the Israelites would follow it to where god would lead them that day.

      God guided them like this every day through this 40-year journey in the desert. The lesson to be learned from this is that God will not only anoint you with his power to get the job done, but He will guide and guide you every step of the way to get the job done.

      God will guide you daily as to what needs to be accomplished for that day. All you have to do is be willing to follow God’s direction for your life, and he will begin to take full control of your life and then guide you down the path he wants you to follow.

      This man’s story demonstrates that God can and will take every Christian on their own individual, unique and exciting journey with him if they were only willing to take that leap of faith and fully commit their entire lives to him.

      7. god will fight battles for you when necessary

      This story is a perfect example of the lengths that God will go to for you if forced to fight and face any enemy that stands in your way.

      God wanted his people freed from slavery to the Egyptians and was not going to take no for an answer.

      God cast 10 powerful judgments at Pharaoh to break him and let his people go. Finally, after breaking with the final judgment, Pharaoh agrees to let God’s people go.

      However, after initially letting them go, Pharaoh suddenly has a change of heart and starts coming back after them. the Israelites are then trapped before the Red Sea. God then parts the Red Sea with a mass of dry land so they can safely cross to the other side.

      At this point, all the Egyptians had to do was let these people go. they had just been hit by 10 powerful god judgments, but they just couldn’t put it down well enough. they then begin to cross onto the dry landmass the Israelites had just crossed over.

      at this point, the wrath of god is fully manifested. makes the waters of the red sea return to normal.

      When this happens, the Egyptians are trapped in the dry landmass and the waters of the sea completely drown them and kill any and all who tried to persecute God’s people. All of his corpses ended up being washed ashore for all of God’s people to see!

      I have 100 powerful battle verses on my token system that show god can fight and take on your enemies if need be. This story is a perfect example of what God can do for you if he so decides.

      God will protect his own if necessary. so not only do you get the power, anointing and guidance of god working for you if you are willing to fully surrender to it, but you will also get full divine protection from it!

      8. red sea parting

      The actual parting of the Red Sea as described above has to be one of the most dramatic and powerful miracles in the entire Old Testament. this part of the story of moses really has great meaning for all christians.

      How many of you, or how many of you have ever known someone who has been at the end of their cliff or the end of their rope with absolutely nowhere else to go?

      If God doesn’t perform some kind of major miracle at the last minute, they’ll either die, have to declare bankruptcy, lose their entire business, or lose their marriage.

      we’ve all heard of these kinds of stories.

      in the natural realm, they have nowhere else to go or turn to. their situation seems completely hopeless.

      The only thing that will save them is a great miracle from God. And then it happens: God shows up with some kind of big miracle to save their lives, keep them financially afloat, or prevent some kind of impending disaster from hitting them full force.

      For those of you who have never been at the end of a cliff needing some big miracle from God to save you, this is not something you want to experience.

      it’s scary, stressful, and will test your patience and faith in god to its absolute limits, just like it did with moses and the israelites.

      the Israelites began to complain once they were involved in this situation.

      But moses, whose faith and trust in god had developed during the time that god was manifesting his 10 judgments on pharaoh, stepped forward and boldly proclaimed that god would save the day and deliver them. of the situation in which they were now trapped.

      and of course god did it, just as moses claimed and believed he would!

      For those of you who have had this type of miracle with God in your own personal lives, or for those of you who may experience something like this in the future, all I can tell you is that it will increase your faith and multiply for ten times when you see god step in at the last minute to save you.

      it’s an experience you’ll never, ever forget, and it will bring you that much closer to this amazing god of ours!

      9. the desert experience

      the 40-year wilderness experience that god put the israelites through is something he does to some of his own.

      in the story of moses, the main reason he did this was to test the israelites, to see if they would cling to him, to see if they would fully follow him, and to see if they would follow all his laws and commandments.

      As I said in the story of Moses, all Israelites over the age of 20 failed this test. as a result, they were not allowed to enter the promised land and each of them died in the desert.

      Some of you have had your experience in the wilderness with the Lord and some of you have not. There is a definite and specific reason why God would cause some of his own to go through this type of experience. these are some of the main reasons.

      a) to test you – to see if you have what it takes to measure up, to make the call he has prepared for your life.

      Just like professional sports teams have trials to see who will be good enough to make the team: God will have some of you tested to see if you have enough faith in him and if you have the strength. , patience, resolution, courage and resistance to go to the end.

      The Bible says that “many are called, but few are chosen.” I believe this verse refers to those whom God has called.

      You have something specific that you want you to do in this lifetime. he has a mission and a purpose for their lives. I don’t think this verse is referring to our salvation in it. if it did, it would indicate that most people will not be saved or go to heaven.

      this is also a price payment period. as a result of the curse of adam and eve that is still in full force in this world, there is a price to pay for all the good that we will want in this life.

      If you want God’s call on your life, if you want God’s best for your life, then you’re going to have to pay some kind of price to receive this call. many times this price is paid in some kind of nature experience.

      Some people don’t want to pay a price for anything. they want everything given to them for free. These types of people will never deal with God in reference to the calling that he would like to place in their lives.

      b) it is in the desert experience that you will really get closer to god. he will eliminate many of the normal things in your life.

      You feel like you’re alone in the desert and that only you and God are going through all of this. your social life may also slow down during this time.

      He can also reduce his finances during this period to just enough to survive. the reason he is doing this is to see if you will stay true and loyal to him. It is very easy to have faith and believe in God when everything is going well and very well, but when things start to go wrong and you start to lose some of your own material possessions, then the real test comes into play.

      Will you stay true, loyal and true to God during these dry, hard times, or will you give it up because things are getting too hard? many people do not make it through this difficult time of trial and then end up losing their calls with god.

      If they had gone all the way, God would have blessed them beyond their wildest dreams once they entered into their true callings with him.

      Going through these hard and dry times will also cause you to really start to lean and depend on God more than you ever have before.

      It goes back to the analogy of the vine and the branch. Jesus is the vine – we are the branches. the branches are totally dependent on the vine and rely on it for their life and sustenance.

      God wants the same from each of us. the experience in the desert will really make this type of graft take place between you and the lord.

      This kind of experience will usually make or break you in your own personal relationship with God. If you fully do so and allow this engraftment to occur, you will become much closer to God in your own personal relationship with him.

      c) This is also a time when a great deal of knowledge will be worked into you regarding your specific call.

      Since much of your social time has been cut short, God will arrange for you to have more time to gain knowledge about whatever your calling is in Him. for many, the desert is where they make their greatest strides in spiritual growth.

      I will do a solo article on this topic in the near future due to its importance.

      again, this is not something you put everyone through. only god will decide who goes through this kind of ordeal and who doesn’t. I’ll leave you with one last thought for those of you who may be in for some sort of nature experience right now, or may have one in the future.

      remember one last thing.

      all the Israelites age 20 and over in the story of moses failed the test in the wilderness. and see what everyone missed: the entrance to the promised land.

      joshua and caleb led the younger generation to this promised land and they all received the abundant blessings god had in store for them on this land.

      your promised land is God’s call for your life.

      stay the course with god, hold on to him, let him complete whatever he wants to do with you in this desert experience, and then you will be rewarded, possibly beyond your wildest dreams or expectations!

      10. don’t always be questioning god

      There is a time to question God, to press and seek answers from him.

      the bible says ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. however, there is also a time to not question god and accept whatever he tells you to do!

      When god first makes contact with moses through the burning bush, he tells moses exactly what he wants him to do. he tells moses that he will use it to free the children of israel from slavery to the egyptians.

      during this initial conversation with god, moses questions god’s wisdom in choosing him for the job! Moses says who is he to carry out such a task. He says that he’s too slow to talk and talk, and finally tells God that he’ll consider calling someone else for the job.

      the bible says that moises ended up igniting the wrath of god with the pessimism he was showing to god.

      god finally relents on this point and tells moses that he will also anoint his brother aaron for the job, that he will be with both of them, and that aaron will be his spokesman to the people since moses had no faith in the anointing of god to allow him to speak effectively to the people and to pharaoh.

      I think god’s original plan was to anoint moses for the job. However, when he showed god three times that he had no confidence in his own abilities to do this, then god goes to plan b and anoints and sends his brother aaron to accompany him.

      you can really feel as you study the conversation that was going on between god and moses, that moses should never have questioned god’s decision to call him for this job.

      and look what happened. god’s anointing fell on moses and aaron and both were able to fully accomplish the mission.

      if ever god asks any of you to do something that is outside of your comfort zone, outside of your own natural abilities, remember this part of the story of moses.

      just as god’s power and anointing were more than enough to get the job done through moses, his supernatural power flowing through you will be more than enough to successfully accomplish whatever he asks you to do for him

      11. do not disobey a direct order of god

      The saddest part of this man’s story is that he was not allowed into the promised land due to an act of disobedience. god had given him a direct command to speak to a rock and then god would cause water to flow from this rock.

      for some strange reason, moses ends up hitting the rock twice with his staff instead of speaking directly to it as god had specifically commanded him to do.

      Moses had disobeyed a direct order from God on how to perform this miracle. as a result, god prevented him from going to the promised land and he later died in the desert.

      Some people may wonder why God was so hard on Moses on this particular issue. Moses had done almost everything else right in God, so why would God hold this particular act against him? I think the main reason is that God held Moses to a much higher standard.

      The Bible says that to whom much is given, much more will be expected!

      Moses was also dealing with a miracle that God wanted to perform. when you get to this level with god where he is manifesting miracles through you, you have to be operating in perfect obedience to god. there is no negotiation with god on this higher level with him.

      If god wants to manifest a particular miracle through you, then you better do exactly what god says as to how he wants to perform the miracle or manifestation. this is an area where you can’t question god or try to do it your way.

      If you do, you could seriously jeopardize whatever else God wants to do through you. You could lose your calling, your ministry, your anointing, and any other blessings God may have in store for you.

      For those of you who will ever receive any kind of direct order from god on any subject, do not disobey the order or try to do it your way like moses did.

      If you do, the consequences could be serious. in some cases, it could be a matter of life and death. remember, god always knows best, you don’t.


      although the story of moses ends on a rather sad note not being able to enter the promised land, he just remembers all the good things he did good in god. In one lifetime, over a 40-year period, Moses was able to:

      • speak directly to god through a burning bush.
      • being used by god to change the entire course of jewish history by freeing the israelites from the egyptians.
      • watch god deliver 10 mighty judgments against egypt.
      • watch god part the red sea.
      • personally receive the 10 commandments from God the Father.
      • He speaks for the second time with God the Father on the mountain. sinai.
      • being able to see the manifest presence of god – with god showing his back to him up the mountain. sinai.
      • to see the manifest presence of god descend upon the tabernacle they had built and guide them daily.
      • and then be directly responsible for teaching god and all his ways to the younger generation of israelites who would eventually be the ones to enter the promised land.
      • and all this happened in a period of 40 years! Now that’s what you call a great power in god story.

        click here if you haven’t read the first part of the story of moses yet.

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