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Karen Solem Literary Agent was a book agent with Spencerhill Associates offices in Sarasota, Florida. she no longer accepts introductions. Scroll below to learn more and see how she can send her book to Karen Solem for her representation.

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Karen Solem, Literary Agent, was a Literary Agent for Spencer Hill Associates. Karen represented a wide range of commercial fiction, and although several of her clients became New York Times bestsellers, she thoroughly enjoyed discovering and working with new talent. Karen brought editorial and business experience to help her clients. Prior to becoming an agent, Karen had 25 years of corporate publishing experience as an editor, editor-in-chief, and editor.

She counted herself among the lucky people who knew early on what they wanted to do. she always wanted to have a bookstore and she loved to read, discover new writers and feel transported by what she read; her natural choice was to publish. in 1980 she joined simon & amp; schuster as editor-in-chief of the silhouette books. She developed a four-book-a-month silhouette to a division that released more than 24 titles a month, and those writers had great successes; authors like nora roberts, sandra brown, barbara delinsky, and debbie macomber are just a few of the many who started with the silhouette.

in 1990, to broaden her publishing experience, she moved to harper paperbacks, then a harper collins imprint, as managing editor and associate editor. After five years, Ella Karen left corporate publishing to become a literary agent, where she enjoyed not having to walk that line between publisher/employer and author. Being the author’s attorney exclusively was rewarding and a pleasure. She was previously associated with the Writers House where she worked for nearly six years. Karen was specifically looking for literary and commercial fiction, primarily for the adult market. she would love to see a richly detailed historical novel, a multicultural novel, or a grand sprawling family saga.

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sales representative – agent karen solem

engaged to lee tobin mcclain’s single mom (inspired by harlequin love)

wild at heart by terri farley (houghton mifflin harcourt children’s)

heir hunters by elizabeth bevarly (harlequin wish)

the letters of heather burch (montlake romance)

return to judy duarte’s brighton valley miniseries (harlequin special edition)

colleen thompson’s lone star legacy (harlequin romantic suspense)

otherkin by eve silver (hqn)

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