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Review : Maestro – Crime drama with a twist |

Maestro telugu movie review

Video Maestro telugu movie review

maestro is a movie that many were looking forward to. The movie is Andha Adhun’s official remake and it’s now live on Disney Hotstar. let’s see how it is.


arun(nithin) is a blind man who earns his living playing the piano in goa. Impressed by him, a former actor (naresh) invites him to perform for his wife simran (tamannah) on her wedding anniversary. Arun lands at the star’s house only to become involved in a deadly murder. who has been killed? what will arun do now? what is simran’s role in all this? and where do nabha natesh and jisshu sen gupta appear in this setup? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

nithin makes a U-turn from his usual romantic dramas and chooses a role he can act in. nithin as the blind man fits the character perfectly and doesn’t go overboard. There is no heroism in his role, but still, Nithin made sure that his body language expresses a lot.

maestro is sure to be a game changer for tamannah as he is amazing in a negative role. From her looks to her expressions, Tamannah is top notch. his own voice is also suited to the negative role. all the scenes of him with nithin have been executed very well.

The soul of the film is intact and the filmmakers have not touched it. The Goa backdrop also suits the theme of the film. Nabha Natesh is neat in her small role and shares good chemistry with Nithin. streak ravi and mangli get good parts and do well in their characters.

negative points:

those who have seen the original will surely draw comparisons. Merlapaka Gandhi directed the film and faithfully narrated the remake. but where the movie falls down is the dramatic quotient. the film originally had gripping drama, but the director failed to elevate it in the remake.

Nithin’s role needed more dramatization, but he comes across as pale and dull in tense scenes. the tension that she faces in crazy situations has not been raised properly. If Nithin’s role and emotions had been shown in a more interesting way in the second half, the effect would have been even better.

all the emotions shown are good, but the impact that the original created is lost in the new version. During the climax, the audience tensely waits for the twist and a song breaks out that drags the ending.

technical aspects:

The production values ​​are great as the film has good visuals. the goan setting and crime backdrop are elevated well through some good camera work. mahati sagar’s music is ok but his bgm was classy. the editing is decent and so was the production design. nithin also had a good style in the movie.

referring to the director merlapaka gandhi, he has done a decent job with the remake. he doesn’t experience much and showed what was needed. If he had added more intensity to the drama, things would have been great.


Overall, master is a faithful remake of andha dhun and has interesting emotions. nithin and tamannah carry the film with their outstanding performances. all those who have seen the original will surely miss the drama a little. but those who don’t will end up liking this thriller that had some decent suspense elements. rating: 3/5

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