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Roman Polanski, the acclaimed storyteller, once remarked: ‘Movies should make you forget you’re sitting in a theater.’ Rajamouli’s SS Makkhi, the Hindi dubbed version of the Telugu blockbuster EEGA, does exactly that. original, witty, innovative and imaginative, makkhi raises the bar for movies made in india.

directly from madhumati of bimal roy and l.v. Prasad’s Milan to Subhash Ghai’s Karz, Chetan Anand’s Kudrat, Shakti Samanta’s Mehbooba, Rakesh Roshan’s Karan-Arjun, Sanjay Gupta’s Hameshaa, and Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om, reincarnation stories were about the protagonist being reborn in human form. in fact, rajamouli’s landmark hit, magadheera [telugu], also addressed the issue of reincarnation. but the acclaimed director puts a new spin on the theme of reincarnation in makkhi. Nani, the lover boy, is reborn as a fly. That’s where the movie succeeds. He gives the phrase ‘out of the box’ a whole new meaning!

At a time when most of the dream merchants in bollywood focus on mindless performers who bid logic goodbye, rajamouli strikes the perfect balance between logic and entertainment in makkhi. the scale of the film is colossal, the plot is invigorating and the result leaves you mesmerized. Rajamouli speaks not just to children, but to the child in every adult and you can’t help but root for the fly as he seeks revenge on the cold-blooded, hard-hearted killer.

A technical marvel, the computer generated fly is undoubtedly the star of the show. and its creator, rajamouli, a true genius to create a film that blows you away and leaves you speechless.

makkhi is the story of jani [nani] and bindu [samantha prabhu], who are in love but never communicate their feelings. sudeep [sudeep], a billionaire, is attracted to bindu and wants to possess her, but realizes that she has a crush on jani, which upsets him. Ironically, the moment Bindu expresses his love for Jani, Sudeep kills him. jani is reborn as a fly…

Unlike most of the time when I advise my readers to leave their brains at home, I would like to pronounce that they should wear their thinking caps while watching makkhi. although the [reincarnation] genre is done to death, the writing takes the riskier route to woo the viewer. don’t expect shortcuts here, don’t expect formulaic subplots that you usually associate with movies of its ilk. makkhi is a whole new experience once the soul migrates to an unborn fly and the dance of revenge begins. a small fly torments the bad guy and how!

several sequences leave you speechless and I wouldn’t want to play spoilsport by revealing the gist. all i would say is that makkhi is a roller coaster with no dull, tedious or mind-numbing moments. the highlight is the concept: a tiny insect taking on a powerful human, sends chills down his spine, first ruining his peace and then his existence. the writing is smart and clever, the episodes are cleverly integrated into the script, and the culmination of the story leaves you spellbound. I would go so far as to say that makkhi has a flawless beginning, a flawless middle, and a flawless ending, which is a rarity when it comes to Indian movies.

technically speaking, makkhi is a marvel. the computer-generated fly does everything a human does, including shortcomings as well. The graphic designers at Makuta VFX deserve brownie points for creating a bug that is both immensely endearing and also hugely compelling when squared off against the antagonist. mm kreem music score is just perfect. ‘arre arre’ is melodious and rolls easily on the lips, while ‘naam apun ka jani’ is energetic and lively. the background score is electrifying. cinematography [k.k. senthil kumar] is top notch. the frames are spectacular. the Hindi dubbing is almost perfect.

sudeep is notable as the lustful and ruthless adversary. he is more menacing in a role that must have been a Herculean task to pull off. he had to react to a fly [that didn’t exist during filming] and get the right actions and reactions. Samantha is wonderfully sober, while Nani is charming in a brief but significant role.

Overall, makkhi is an iconic film. you should see certain movies in your life. makkhi is one of those movies. For choosing a crackling idea, executing it with panache, and taking Indian cinema to the next level, hats off to you, Mr. ss rajamouli.

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