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Mallesham movie review

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mallesham is a movie that has created quite a stir within the industry in recent days. the rural drama directed by raj r has hit the screens today and let’s see how it turns out.


The story of the film is based on the life of Mallesham, a Sri Padma Award winner who invented the ASU machine. mallesham (priyadarshi) and his parents belong to a rural village in telangana. mallesham’s mother (jhansi) is a hard working hand knitter. after spending long hours at handloom work, the doctors reveal that if she continues to weave, her hand may become paralyzed. Seeing this crazy situation, Mallesham decides to invent a special machine for his mom. the rest of the story is what kind of difficulties mallesham faced in inventing this machine and how he became overnight a famous person in his region.

positive points:

The setting of the film is so natural that you have the feeling that things are happening right in front of you. the aesthetic of the telangana culture is quite real as no cinematic liberty has been taken to depict the troubled lives of handloom weavers.

it’s a big jump for priyadarshi in terms of performance with mallesham. many might think how a man they call a comedian can pull off a biopic. but priyadarshi proves everyone wrong and fits right in as mallesham. The way the young actor shows his helplessness and his difficult moments through his body language was very good.

ananya, a debut actress, is an excellent find as she is top notch as priyadarshi’s wife. she suits the role well and things get interesting once she enters the scene. A scene where she refuses to give her money and jewelery to darshi was very well executed and Ananya’s performance was excellent.

Last but not least, jhansi surprises you with his emotional act. she looks natural like the lady who is going through health problems. the way she spoke the telangana dialect and acted very warmly seems real.

negative points:

the movie takes too long to get to the real point. Many scenes were wasted showing Mallesham’s childhood, which was not so necessary. the narration was a bit slow and a sharper script would have improved things.

the pain mallesham goes through doesn’t show up as much as it needs to in the movie. Some more hard-hitting episodes depicting the Mallesham fight would have made a big impact. the movie is a serious town drama and all those who are watching things from the passage of time can stay away from this movie.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch, as the art direction department needs a special mention. the way they created a very realistic village and showed the difficulties of the people is very good. the music is pretty good and so was the bgm. the camera work needs a special mention as the film has a special tone that shows the process in an endearing way. the dialogues are completely in the telangana dialect and the lyrics were good too.

referring to director raj r, he has done a decent job of showing mallesham’s life in a realistic way. the movie is a bit slow, but that’s how biographies are narrated to get the real feel. If he had edited out the opening parts and added more drama, things would have been effective.


Overall, Mallesham is a biopic that has simple, realistic emotions. It’s a fitting tribute to the Mallesham legend that put Telangana on the map of India. Priyadarsi’s heartfelt acting and heartwarming family emotions are big pluses. Movies like these may not be to everyone’s taste as they have a kind of art film and less entertainment. Save for the slow pace, this movie is decent and won’t let you down once you get into the theater. rating: 3/5

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