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Manyam puli movie review

Video Manyam puli movie review

puli murugan was a movie that was a big hit in Malayalam. The movie has been dubbed as Manyam Puli in Telugu and has hit the screens today. let’s see if it manages to impress the Telugu audience or not.


puliyooru is a small town that is located in a dense and deadly area of ​​man-eating tigers. things often get tense as the tigers living around them keep killing many children and people.

on the other hand, kumar(mohan lal) is the only man in the village who is able to fight the tigers with his deadly skills. As time passes, Kumar, who is also a truck driver, gets involved in a drug case and is forced to leave the town, which is already in great danger.

What happens now with the members of your village? Will Kumar come back and save them? what kind of problems does kumar face in the city? and where does jagapathi babu fit into this setup? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

The action sequences and the emotion are the highlights of this film. There are three fabulous sequences involving the tiger and Mohan Lal that have been crafted to an excellent note. they’re quite exciting, and the background score that appears during this time elevates the movie in a surprising way.

all credit should go to director vysakh for showing mohan lal in such an impressive way. From the massive scenes of him to directing him in the action episodes, the director has done a very smart job as the action episodes never skimp considering Mohan Lal’s personality and age.

kamaleni mukherjee does a decent job in her role. jagapathi babu is apt in the role of him and he doesn’t have much to do in the movie. the first half if quite decent and maintains a good rhythm.

negative points:-

As long as the movie is set in the woods, it looks pretty interesting. the time you move to the city, it becomes routine and boring. while some scenes are good, the entrance of a local don, hero fighting a conspiracy, it all seems jaded and throws the movie off completely.

manyam puli has the effect of a roller coaster. as long as there are fights and episodes of heroism, the movie looks top notch. when family dramas and some unnecessary scenes come up, you get a little irritated.

The length of the movie is also a bit long and there are some fights that could have been toned down. Namitha’s role seems absolutely dumb and cheap and completely upsets the movie.

technical aspects:-

manyam puli has some of the best images of recent times. the forests shown and the way the scenes are set in a realistic tone add great depth to the film. Shaji Kumar’s camera work is just amazing and the dense jungle and all the hero elevation scenes have been shown in an amazing way. half of the movie credit can easily go to gopi sundar and his electrifying background music.

As for the vysakh director, the young man should be credited for making a commercial adventure film for the most part. he shows great promise with his interesting story and the way he adds enough fanboy moments for all mohan lal fans out there. but unfortunately he also falls into the commercial trap and is forced to do the routine things during the second half. if he had set the movie in the village itself and created the role of jagapathi babu within that area, things would have been great.


manyam puli mostly worked in Malayalam due to some stunning thrills and great mohan lal act which is at its peak here. but from the point of view of the Telugu audience, this movie can only be watched for some amazing thrills that are placed at regular intervals. That said, one must be well prepared to endure the rest of the routine drama that lacks nativity and can catch you at times. rating: 3/5

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