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Mental madilo movie review

Video Mental madilo movie review

mental madhilo is a movie that has created quite a stir until late. The film has Sree Vishnu in a lead role and hits screens today. let’s see how it is.


arvind krishna (sree vishnu) is a born confused soul who gets stuck when he has too many options in front of him. fed up with this attitude, his parents decide to marry him off. In that process, he meets a girl named Svecha (Nivetha Pethuraj) and approaches her.

When everything seems to be going well, one fine day, Arvind is forced to go to Mumbai. There, he meets another girl named Renu (Amrutha) and is attracted to her as well. what will aravind do now confused? Which girl will he choose? And how will all the confusion be cleared up? to know this, you have to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

One of the film’s greatest assets is the lovable character of Sree Vishnu. You will fall in love with her innocence and the way her role in the film has been conceived. The talented actor is quite impressive in his approach and plays the part of him dull and confused quite convincingly.

nivetha pethuraj makes a surprising debut and has a good screen presence. the way she played the role of her in the first half gives a lot of depth to the film and gives a rather carefree effect to the proceedings. The chemistry between Nivetha and Sree Vishnu crackles as the pair conjure up a super romance during this time. the second lead, amrutha also plays her role well.

the way the upper middle class setup has been shown is quite good. After a long time, Shivaji Raja gets a meaty role and shines brightly in the movie. all the scenes of him with sree vishnu evoke excellent comedy in the film. the feel-good romance in both love stories is quite interesting and has been shown quite well.

negative points:

The creators show the first half in such an entertaining way that the expectation of the audience is quite high. but the same does not happen during the second half since the second love story is not as exciting.

Even though the proceedings are decent, there’s not much excitement as it takes too long to show the relationship between the leading couple in the second half. Also, the way the hero realizes his mistake should have been made a bit clearer.

technical aspects:-

prasantha vihari’s music is awesome as most of the songs come as montages which are good. the background score is quite attractive and gives the movie a very nice effect. the dialogues are quite witty and have been written with a lot of funny element. the film’s production values ​​are top-notch, as the characters showed, and the whole set-up seems quite natural. the script of the movie is amazing during the first half, but it gets a bit bogged down during the last part.

referring to director vivek atreya, he has done a pretty impressive job on his debut. his strength lies in the way he narrates proceedings in a lighter vein. no scene seems melodramatic or heavy as love stories have their own charm. Vivek creates a decent atmosphere throughout the film and makes up for a cheery watch for the audience. if he had treated the second room with a bit of force, the output would have been even solid.


Overall, Mental Madhilo is a very light-hearted rom-com that has its heart in the right place. the lovable romance, performances by the main couple, and joyful family emotions are sure to connect with the audience. Even though the film has a simple and predictable storyline, the role of Sree Vishnu ensures that one is entertained until the very end. the film is clearly not for the masses and will do fairly well at multiplexes, making it a good choice to watch this weekend. look at it without any confusion. rating: 3.5/5

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