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Mind Movies 4.0 Review- Here&039s What Happened After Using It

Mind movie review

Last updated: September 11, 2022 Hi everyone.

I received a copy of the mind movie software a few months ago and thought I’d write my full review of the software; I hope it can help you decide if this is something that may or may not benefit you in your life.

I guess since you want to know more about mind movies, it’s because you also want something better in your life.

Whether you know little or a lot about the software, or wondering if mind movies really work to make your dreams come true…

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! I’ll do my best and answer everything you’re probably interested in right now.

After watching the movie, The Secret, I read countless books, attended webinars, bought programs, and subscribed to just about every Law of Attraction “guru” to try and change my life quickly and effortlessly.

To be honest, not much has changed at all. I started to lose hope that this would ever work…

That is, until I bought mental movies and used them constantly. in fact, I’m a little surprised at what this mental movie concept has done, in such a short amount of time. (I’ll reveal more about that a bit later…)

but is it suitable for everyone? will it work with you? Is it a worthwhile investment? By the end of this review, you should be able to easily answer all of these questions for yourself.

The truth is that it may not be a good investment for everyone.

why create a mental movie?

However, first things first. why create a mental movie and what is it actually supposed to do?

By now you’ve probably heard of the movie “The Secret” or seen it. One of the fundamental concepts he talks about is that ‘similar attracts similar’.

Bob ProctorIn a nutshell, it means that when you are thinking about anything, you let off a certain level of frequency or vibration to the Universe and the Universe responds to you by returning the same vibration or frequency back to you.

For example, do you know when you’re having those “bad days”? it’s one of those days where everything you touch seems to go wrong… you try the printer and it stops working, then the internet goes dead, the computer freezes, the phone rings and goes on and on…

on the contrary, the opposite is also true. For example, can you remember a time when you felt unstoppable? you know… when you were running on a natural high?

…a time when everything you put into your hands worked effortlessly, from meeting people to receiving compliments and even personal success to achieving a goal you’ve been working on for a while.

While you may not have been consciously thinking about it, you were unconsciously giving off a certain vibration, and whatever it was, good or bad, it would have been returned to you.

It is claimed that the law of attraction is scientifically proven and, even if the whole concept seems like fantasy or a bit ‘out there’ (let me be honest here, I had a hard time believing it at first), it exists and seems to work very well. predictable…even if you try to ignore it.

What that means in terms of application, is that the clearer you can be about life, events, possessions, and anything else you want to attract into your life (with an emphasis on clarity), you can potentially begin to magnetically attract and manifest through your subconscious, usually without much effort as well.

how does mental movie software help?

It was also revealed in the movie ‘The Secret’ that in order to manifest your deepest desires into reality, you must create a vision board.

Example Vision BoardIf you haven’t heard of a vision board, it is simply a board where you place images and statements of anything that you specifically want to attract into your life.

For example, you might have pictures of money or maybe a particular car or house you dream of owning.

Until more recent times, vision boards were typically created on very large pieces of paper or cardboard, so they could fit many images or statements that were relevant and important to you.

A vision board is an important attribute for anyone who closely follows all things law of attraction techniques, or even if they don’t fully understand or believe in it, successful people (including celebrities) have always known the power it has. , to attract whatever it is you desire, to manifest it directly into your life.

celebrities with vision boards…

Take katy perry for example. when she was just 9 years old, she compiled his first vision board through a school project. Katy had clipped a photo of her then-idol Selena of her in 1993, when she won a grammy award for her vision board.

15 years later, katy also received a grammy award for her number 1 single, “i kissed a girl”.

arnold schwarzenegger also embraced the power of a vision board:

“the mind is really so amazing. before i won my first mr. universe title, I walked through the tournament like I owned it. I had won it so many times in my mind, the title was already mine. later, when I went to the cinema, I used the same technique. I visualized myself daily being a successful actor and making a lot of money”

jim carrey was another who went from being a homeless teenager to using the power of visualization to manifest the exact money he wanted and turning his life around…

Having dropped out of high school and with no direction in life, no motivation and no goals, Jim decided it was time for a massive change in the quality of his life. she said:

“I wrote myself a check for $10 million and gave myself 5 years to receive it”

this was at that time before anyone knew him.

Not only did he make it, he made it so many times that when his father passed away, he put just one of those $10 million checks in his pocket while his father was being buried.

when obama ran for president a few years ago, the former first lady also created and succeeded with her vision board. she said:

“and i want you to get out of here and imagine barack obama taking the oath of office”. I created a vision board. I’ve never had a vision board before. i got home, i bought a board and i put barack obama’s picture on it. and I put a picture of my dress that I want to wear to the opening.”

oprah winfrey recognized the power of a vision board long ago. In the short video below, Steve Harvey talks with Oprah about the importance and confidence in her vision boards.

note that both arnold schwarzenegger and steve harvey talked about the importance of seeing their vision board as a movie, as it brought success.

While a paper vision board can be a very powerful tool in and of itself, the ability to feel that it has already happened in your mind is much easier when facilitated through a moving vision board, in movie form…

Let’s face it, as human beings we’re always replaying moving images inside our heads, right? even when we read a book, we automatically start to imagine the scene inside our head and it becomes a sequence of moving images, a movie as it will be.

It turns out that moving images are much more natural to us, as it can be much easier for our brain to absorb, accept and remember things. it’s just the way we’re programmed to respond.

perhaps this will give us a clue as to why youtube is the second largest search engine in the world right now!

mind movies is a tool that allows you to create a digital version of a vision board, effectively replacing the old paper-based method.

Essentially, it is a piece of software that allows you to put together your own ‘mental movie’, consisting of powerful statements, images, subliminal messages and, unlike paper vision boards, you can also attach uplifting music that be relevant to what you want to manifest in abundance. everything is categorized, so it’s pretty easy to choose.

Currently, it is the only software available that can create a mental movie in any area of ​​your life. It only takes a few minutes to complete and I suppose the other advantage is that you have the flexibility to view it on any screen device you may have.

Did mental movies work for me?

at the end of the day, the most important information you want to know is: does it really work?

When I first bought my copy of Mind Movies, it took me about 20 minutes to produce my first film on wealth and finance. I guess, like everything, the first one always takes a lot more time as you learn to use something.

I prepared two other movies, one about relationships and the other about a dream house in a particular suburb that I always dreamed of. these two movies took me less than 10 minutes to create.

But out of the three movies I created, I have to be honest and admit that I only watched the one about wealth/finance in the morning and again at night before bed.

Success BreakthroughAfter six weeks of committing to this, I’m pretty excited to say that I’ve had my income double this month. (You can read about my story in more detail here)

First of all, I want to say that the augmentation didn’t magically “fall out of the sky” so to speak, that’s ridiculous! (although for some, financially minded movies have helped them attract an inheritance or lottery winnings; I’ve already heard of a few cases)

What I noticed is that I started to see some really cool opportunities that almost “magically” appeared when I spent a few minutes every day looking. and most importantly, I also acted accordingly. without the action, nothing would have changed. (this is key or nothing will look different).

These opportunities were ‘low-hanging fruit,’ meaning they were easy to execute, so I took them with a really good result.

Through the mental movie involving the law of attraction, opportunities seem to appear that align with your goal of manifestation, but keep in mind that, as happened to me, it could obviously be different for you.

It tends to be displayed in a way that is relevant to the person requesting it, customizing the opportunity to their dream goal.

I know this may sound a bit “off” or maybe a bit weird too, and while I honestly can’t explain in detail how exactly it works; I can tell you outright that it just does, based on my own personal experience anyway.

for faster manifesting results, I found their big brother mental movie matrix to be even faster (although it works a bit differently), but the price of this tool is much higher than the software to start with, and this works within a reasonable time anyway.

If you’re still a bit skeptical about the whole concept (I know I was before I used it and actually saw the results myself), click here, to take a look at others ‘everyday’ people like you and me, who have also tried this manifestation tool.

how to create a mental movie using the software…

so now you’re probably wondering what’s involved in creating a mental movie with this software.

It’s actually designed to be as simple as possible, and it literally only takes a few mouse clicks to complete your mental movie.

When you’re ready to start, click the “create a video” tab and you’ll see the following screenshot.

Mind Movies Screenshot A

This is the main navigation screen that contains a library of all the preloaded images, affirmations, transitions, and music that come with the software.

As you can see in the active “images” tab above, all images are grouped into various categories depending on what you want to create your mind movie for.

You can choose from categories such as business goals, health, attracting the right mate, shopping (luxury toys, for example), lifestyle, cars, and much more.

simply click on the category that is relevant to you, review the images and then simply ‘drag and drop’ them onto the timeline below.

It’s up to you how many images you want to include from each of the categories.

As you go through the tabs at the top of the screen, it’s just a simple task to pick what’s relevant to you and just drop it onto the timeline and as you do, start adding more color to your final mind. movie output.

Although the software comes with tons of pre-loaded images, affirmations and music, you also have the option to upload your own images, music or create personal affirmations if you wish.

This ensures that your movie/vision board is completely personalized and makes sense and is specifically relevant only to you.

once you’ve completed these steps, you can preview your mental movie in step 2.

after you see it complete you can edit how long each image stays or maybe change where the statement appears on the screen or maybe the color and style of the statement needs tweaking.

Virtually everything is customizable in the software, and it’s easy to modify and customize these settings.

Once you’re done, you can save the project and the final stage is to render your new movie.

Mind Movies Screenshot C

The final stage, step 4, allows you to produce your movie in a variety of formats, so you can download it and view it on your computer, iphone, tablet, or maybe even save it privately on youtube.

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two powerful new features now included in version 4.0

In the latest update to mind movies 4.0, the newest edition introduces two powerful new inclusions that can speed up the manifestation process dramatically.

first, you can now add subliminal audio with or without another music track of your choice, which will penetrate deep into your subconscious for a more direct and powerful message to communicate and manifest your desire.

The use of subliminal messages to communicate with the subconscious, is a technique that has been known and used for decades to obtain faster results, since it goes beyond the protective emotions of our conscious mind, such as fear, doubt, disbelief. , mistrust etc.

subliminal messaging is quite powerful…

…in fact, you’ll find that even big-budget TV commercials and movies also inject subliminal messages to communicate with you, without your conscious mind recognizing, evaluating, or having a chance to reject them!

And let’s face it, these guys with million dollar budgets for ads and movies would no doubt have done their research to find out how powerful these techniques are before spending a lot of money on these sneaky tactics.

In fact, some countries (not including the US, I believe) have now banned the use of subliminal messages in movies, perhaps a testament to their effectiveness in getting people to do things without realizing it! account!

If you want to see this in action for yourself, check out the following youtube video. you might be surprised!

So in terms of mind movie software, it’s a cool feature that you can now add them to your own personal movies to harness the power of subliminal messaging, just like the guys with the big budgets do.

Second, you now also have the ability to add videos to your movie creation.

whether it’s a clip you’ve captured that represents something you really want, just load this clip and then drag and drop it into the mind movie timeline editor.

Mind Movies Screenshot B

but the nice thing about the video component is that you can also upload any youtube video that inspires you, right into the movie timeline of your mind.

This, combined with the captivating music and other affirmations you’ve chosen, makes it quite engaging and quite easy to commit to watching on a regular basis.

other useful information about the software…

mind movies app is actually hosted on its own server, which means you don’t actually download the software by paying and you don’t need to install it on your computer.

Instead, it’s centrally hosted, meaning you can watch your personal movie by logging into the secure membership area on the website and watching it there.

SecurityDon’t worry, all your Mind Movies, personal images, music etc you used in creating your Vision Board, are placed in your own secure space on the website and only someone with your log in details (which you receive upon purchase) will be able to go in and view your movies.

effectively, it means you have more options. as mentioned you can download your mind movies and watch them on your personal devices if you want or however because it is not software installed on your own computer it means that as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to watch your movie personal mindset from anywhere, on any computer.

You just need to remember your secure mind movie website login details and there is no excuse not to watch and manifest your desire!

other options for creating mental movies…

Let me be honest with you here. there are other ways to create mental movies and I considered 2 other options that also do something similar. Let me share with you my findings:

I was tempted to try the ‘free’ option to produce my mind movie, as I have some video editing experience, but ended up deciding against it for several different reasons…

natalie ledwell, (the person behind mind movie software) recommends that in order to manifest any area of ​​your life the fastest, you should create a separate mind movie around each different area.

for example, a separate mental movie for perhaps your dream car, your new home, and perhaps also the perfect job or income.

This means, for starters, that some of the more general images you may want to get off the internet legally to include in your mind movie (without just stealing them), will cost you a minimum of $2-$4 per image with someone like

if you use say 4 or 5 images per mental movie and then create maybe 3 or 4 different mental movies, the cost will start to add up quickly.

Also, as you move on with your life, your situation may change and therefore your goals and dreams may change.

while they do, you will need to change your mental movie to reflect your new dream and again, you will have to spend more to get new images that reflect your new vision/dream.

now, even if you had to download images without paying for them (which, of course, is not a good idea), and if you want anything remotely decent in your movie production with traditional video editing software, it will take some time. and patience to get something decent produced.

don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about a ‘spielberg’ production or anything like that, but something decent enough to motivate you and force you to keep watching it constantly.

Dream HouseYou also need to know how to precisely craft it so that it properly engages the law of attraction, otherwise all your effort and time could be futile.

but, the main reason that led me to invest in this solution was the fact that you are getting dedicated software designed specifically for one purpose.

It’s also backed by genuine people who want to make sure you do things right to quickly activate the law of attraction.

I have been in contact with the support area a couple of times to clarify some questions related to the creation of my mental movie and I found that they are very friendly, dedicated and quite quick to respond each time I do it. I have contacted them.

The turning point for me was when I also discovered that the software helps you manifest your dream or you have a full 60 days to ask for your money back.

I thought it couldn’t be more fair than that and, to be honest, I made the ‘obvious’ decision for myself.

advantages and disadvantages of mind movie software

Like any software or tool, there are always good and not so good points about it. then let me list these for you.



my verdict…

mind movies is a one-time purchase that comes with free lifetime software updates and dedicated support.

is easy-to-use software that contains the entire library of resources you’ll need to quickly and easily compile different mind movies for various areas of your life.

To make sure you can customize it properly, you are free to import your own images, words, songs, etc. to increase the effectiveness of communication with your own subconscious mind.

The flexibility of downloading your movie in different formats and also being able to watch it privately online means you can never complain about not having access to your movie.

but, one thing to remember is that to make sure mind movies work for you, you should watch them at least once a day.

yes, you will need 2-3 minutes a day to watch your movie to condition your subconscious and see how it begins to manifest itself as interesting opportunities open up.

simply creating a mental movie will usually not magically start the law of attraction! you should watch it too, or let’s be honest, nothing will happen if you don’t.

Whether you’re looking to manifest abundance, attract someone in particular into your life, or restore as an aspect of your health, or own and drive the car of your dreams, you’ll need the right tool and the mental movie software promises deliver that to you.

And yes, this is the only tool that I have personally seen results in my own life as well.

In addition to the software itself, you’ll find that the guys at Mind Movies really want to ride with you, provide guidance, support, and get you on the fast track to success; so, in my experience, it’s a little more than just a piece of software… it’s the whole deal for life’s next chapter.

The team is so confident that this dedicated law of attraction software will work for you, that it comes with a 60 day (no hassle, no questions asked) money back guarantee to try it out for yourself.


now that you are ready to create your abundant life and take things to a whole new level, create your mental movie today and spend just a few minutes in the morning and at night and be amazed how the universe will finally deliver you, what that your heart most desires.

Your new future can start today… mine has.

p.s. If you click on any of the links on this page and see this software for the retail price of $197, you have missed out on the special price and free bonus package. if you can wait, I advise you not to buy until then.

It is possible that it will be special again. you will have to be patient. In the past, I’ve noticed the special pricing recurring, although sometimes that takes up to 6 months to come back.

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