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Review : Mishan Impossible – Has its moments |

Mishan impossible telugu movie review

Video Mishan impossible telugu movie review

rrr is going strong at the Telugu box office. at that time, a movie called mishan impossible starring taapsee was released today. let’s see how it is.


The film is set in a small town in the Tirupati district. raghupati raghava raja ram are three useless boys who want to succeed in life. They decide to catch Dawood Ibrahim and win the huge prize money advertised for him. They go on a mission to catch him, but find themselves involved in a child trafficking case that is being investigated by a journalist (taapsee). how they are going to get out of this mess and understand the harsh realities of life is the whole story of impossible mishan.

positive points:

The setting of the film is quite good. the way three little boys dream big in a silly way has been well established at the beginning of the film.

impossible mishan is mainly based on the characters of these three children and they have done quite well. Whether it was comedy, excitement, or mischief, the kids displayed them well.

tappsee doesn’t do much in his role, but his key character brings depth to the film. the emotions shown in the child trafficking scenes are quite good. the fun generated through some situations in the first half with the kids looked good.

negative points:

mishan impossible has several loopholes and the logic is missing in many areas. The kids are shown to have a brave mindset and land in Bangalore thinking it’s Mumbai. they try to find dawood by showing the picture and fail to discover the fact for days that he is no longer in india and it is bangalore and not mumbai. such silly aspects are neglected.

Also, the way kids deal with the whole child trafficking issue seems a bit over the top. but since excitement is good, the audience is entertained most of the time.

The first half is mostly about the introduction and lifestyle of the kids, but story-wise, not much happens. tappsee and her character look boring after a point and should have been given some heavy lifts to make the crime angle even narrower.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are decent. the music of mark k. robin was ok but his background music was pretty awesome. the camera work showing the crime angle and the small town setting looks good. editing is fine and so are the dialogues.

as for director swaroop, this is his second film after agent sai srinivas athreya and he has done a decent job. Compared to the comedy and emotion of his debut film, this film has a little less of that. his writing was top notch at the agent, but here he’s almost fine. he narrates the movie in a funny way, always with decent emotions, but the logic continues most of the time.


Overall, Impossible Mishan has a decent premise with a decent dose of comedy and emotion. but logic goes for a shot in several scenes. if you ignore this aspect and watch the movie, mishan impossible is worth a timepass watch this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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