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Movie about girl who fell in tree

revealed: the true story of the texas girl who fell 30ft down a hollow tree, landing on her skull and then ‘met jesus, who cured her of a disease for life’, behind the new film by jennifer garner

  • in december 2011, nine-year-old annabel beam fell headfirst through a hollow tree and hit her skull
  • came out with little more than a scratch, and then she said she saw jesus while inside the tree and he cured her of a lifelong disease
  • her story is the central theme of the new movie miracles from heaven , starring jennifer garner and opens on friday
  • annabel said in a recent interview that jesus told her: ‘i have plans for you on earth that i you can complete in heaven’
  • garner was a big fan of the book about annabel before she started making the movie and said she was inspired by christy, the girl’s mom

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