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Movie where girl falls down tree

exclusive: ‘mommy i just want to die’: the true story of the girl in jennifer garner’s new movie who just wanted her suffering to end until she was miraculously healed ‘by jesus’

  • christy beam, 43, tells the daily mail online exclusively she ‘turned god around’ when she and her daughter annabel went through the darkest time of her illness
  • “I’d say for almost a year after her fall I was waiting for her shoe to drop,” Ray says of how long it took him to accept that Anna was cured
  • in the movie starring jennifer garner, annabel’s illness is described as lasting a year, but in real life, beam says it lasted four and a half years
  • she suffered from pseudo-obstruction of motility , a rare disorder that prevents one from properly digesting and absorbing nutrients
  • but after falling 30 feet down in a hollow tree, she suffered no injuries and was miraculously cured of the ‘incurable’ disease
  • ana says that Jesus told her that ‘it was not my time, that I had to go back that there were plans on earth for me that I could not fulfill and n heaven’
  • beam went on to write the new york times bestselling miracles from heaven because she wanted to share the ‘message of hope’ from her family’s story

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