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If you are a fan of manga or anime, you can’t miss my hero academia. a series, also turned into a movie, has gone big since its premiere in 2016 written by the Director Kohei Horikoshi, who is also the illustrator for this series, the main story revolves around a boy named Izuku Midoriya who is born with a natural talent along with superpowers that make him different in his social group from other children. However, Izuku himself dreams of one day becoming a successful superhero, so the entire series revolves around him feeling comfortable in his shoes.

The entire series has been boiled down to a comedy butt which is then thrown into the full course of action and a series of jaw-dropping fighting strategies that blow fans away. To all this, there is also an endless touch of romance within the series. thus, the fans have concluded one thing: my hero academia – one of the perfect services for all the shonen fans out there.

no doubt, the animation is amazing! it’s hilarious, and with all the series that go by, each episode gets better. Furthermore, the soundtrack of the series is a treat for the ears as it is not only catchy or entertaining, but the music makes the whole series more addictive!

So far, 4 seasons have been released as of 2016. Two movies have also been released, along with two original video animations (ova), one original net animation (ona), and two specials.

All things considered, this is the chronological order to watch my hero academia to get you hooked and started

1. season 1 (2016)

Season 1 is the starting point of the series. without a doubt, season 1 is very important to understand the series. this season, being released in 2016 allows you to understand the whole plot, and also makes you inspired by the person who saves people always with a smile on his face.

The season allows you to understand the life of Izuku Midoriya, who desperately wants to be a hero; however, he learns that he is one of the few of his generation born without a “quirk”. the whole plot revolves around whether or not his fate will change.

In the rest of the episodes, the plot thickens, allowing izuku to understand his quirk, be better, and do his best to save the day and be someone he has always wanted and dreamed of being.

Complete seasons comprise 13 episodes, which are as follows:

  • episode 1: izuku midoriya: origin
  • episode 2: what it takes to be a hero:
  • episode 3: roaring muscles:
  • episode 4: start line:
  • episode 5: what can i do for now:
  • episode 6: deku vs. kacchan:
  • episode 7: rage you fucking nerd:
  • episode 8: bakugou’s starting line
  • episode 9: yeah, do your best! you can, go!
  • Episode 10: Encounter the Unknown
  • Episode 11: Game Over!
  • episode 12: all might
  • episode 13: over each of his hearts
  • ova1-(jump festa) my hero academia: save! rescue training! (2016)

The 25-minute long ovum released on November 27, 2016 is part of Season 1. In this ovum, Izuku is part of Training School Class 1-A. As the class finally tries to complete their training, there is a villain on the loose, but the important question here is: are the students ready to fight back or not?

2. season 2 (2018) in chronological order to watch my hero academia

my hero academia season 2 released on August 11, 2018 has a total of 25 episodes. this season is the beginning of the second phase of izuku’s journey and revolves around the sports festival. The sports festival consists of two major events known as the “Hero Killer” and the “Final Exams Arc”. Critics and fans have long argued that this is the season where My Hero Academia becomes one of the best modern anime films of the 21st century, thus far.

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Season 2 episodes are as follows:

  • episode 1: that’s the idea, ochaco
  • episode 2: a roaring sports festival
  • episode 3: in its own wacky way
  • episode 4: strategy, strategy, strategy
  • episode 5: cavalry battle finale
  • episode 6: the boy who was born with everything!
  • Episode 7: Victory or Defeat
  • Episode 8: Fight, Challengers!
  • episode 9: bakuog vs. uraraka
  • episode 10: shoto todoroki: origin
  • episode 11: fight on, iida
  • episode 12 : Todoroki vs Bakugo
  • Episode 13: Time to pick some names
  • Episode 14: Weird! Gran Torino Appears
  • Episode 15: Midoriya and Shigaraki
  • Episode 16: Hero Killer: Manta vs U.A. students
  • episode 17: climax
  • episode 18: the aftermath of hero killer: stain
  • episode 19: everyone’s practices
  • episode 20 : listen up!! a story from the past
  • episode 21: prepare for final exams
  • episode 22: yaoyorozu: ascending
  • episode 23: removing the varnish
  • episode 24: katsuki bakugo: origin
  • episode 25: encounter
  • ova2 – my hero academia: training of the dead (2017)

This is the second ovum that was released on June 2, 2017. It revolves around the practice sessions between Izuku’s class along with Isami’s high school students located at Yuuei Academy. this is a must recommendation for avid fans and admirers of the series.

3. movie – my hero academia: two heroes (2018)

The film features an adaptation of the one-shot manga produced by horikoshi. The movie is based on the Season 2 Final Exam arc as well as the upcoming Season 3’s Junge Training arc. heroes.

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4. season 3 (2019)

Of all the seasons so far, Season 3 is a very significant change in the whole equation of this series, in which the heroes and the villains are present. Released on March 3, 2019, with more than 20 episodes in this season, the most anticipated part of the season is the grudge match that happens between all the mighty and all for one.

Here is the list of episodes for this season:

  • episode 1: start of the game
  • episode 2: wild, wild kittens
  • episode 3: kota
  • episode 4: my hero
  • episode 5: take it home, iron fist!
  • Episode 6: Roaring Agitation
  • Episode 7: What a Twist!
  • episode 8: from iida to midoriya
  • episode 9: all for one
  • episode 10: symbol of peace
  • episode 11: one for all
  • episode 12: end of the beginning, beginning of the end
  • episode 13: moving into the dorms
  • episode 14: creating those ultimate moves
  • episode 15: the test
  • episode 16: high shiketsu on the prowl
  • episode 17: class 1 a
  • episode 18: hurry !
  • Episode 19: Rescue exercises
  • Episode 20: Saving the world with love
  • Episode 21: What’s the big idea?
  • Episode 22: A Talk About Your Quirk
  • Episode 23: Deku Vs. kacchan part 2
  • episode 24: a season of encounters
  • episode 25: incomparable

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5. season 4 (2019 – 2020) of my hero academia series

Season 4, released in late 2019 and continuing through mid-2020, follows the plot directly from Season 3. The season consists of over 25 episodes. In this season, Deku enlists Mirio’s help in attempting to recruit Sir Nighteye’s agency. without a doubt, this season is an exclusive anime-only story, ending the season with a little effort arc.

The following is the list of episodes for this season:

  • episode 1: the scoop on u.a. class 1 to
  • episode 2: review
  • episode 3: the boy meets
  • episode 4: fighting fate
  • episode 5: come on, gutsy red riot
  • episode 6: some nasty talk
  • episode 7: go away!!
  • Episode 8: Big Three Suneater
  • Episode 9: Red Riot!
  • episode 10: temp squad
  • episode 11: lemillion
  • episode 12: unforeseen hope
  • episode 13: infinity 100%
  • episode 14: bright future
  • episode 15: burning flames
  • episode 16: win those children’s hearts
  • episode 17: relief for apprentice graduates
  • episode 18: school festival
  • episode 19: preparing for the school festival is the fun part
  • episode 20: imperial golden tips
  • episode 21: deku vs. gentle criminal
  • episode 22: the school festival begins!
  • Episode 23: Let it flow! school festival!
  • Episode 24: Japanese Heroes Billboard
  • Episode 25: Their Beginning
  • Movie – My Hero Academia The Movie 2: Heroes: Rising (2019)

Released in mid-2019, the film is another adaptation of the one-shot set and designed by horikoshi. The movie takes place with an epic battle of the meta liberation army arc and the effort agency arc present in the manga.


With the above mentioned chronological list of my hero academia, I think it will be easier for newcomers to my hero academia. Since the entire series follows a pattern and story unlike many other manga or anime, it is recommended that you follow this order. season 5 of the series is in production at the moment as only 4 episodes have been released so far therefore nothing can be said about the season however fans seem to be excited about the series so far time, but it’s too early to tell. Season 5 is expected to be over 25 episodes long, with more plot twists and turns.

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