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Na Kadha Lo Nenu Telugu Movie Review |Samba Siva Na Kadha Lo Nenu Movie Review |

Naa kathalo nenu movie review

Video Naa kathalo nenu movie review

Continuing the trend of low budget movies, a new movie hitting screens today is na kadha lo nenu. Now let’s see how the movie turns out.


sanjay (samba siva) and priya (santoshi sarma) are a loving couple who lead a normal and happy life. The twist in the story comes when Sanjay gets involved in a big problem and has to pay the sum of one crore rupees to solve a major problem in his life. what is that problem who does sanjay have to pay a million rupees to? and how do you manage to solve his problems? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

The basic twist shown around the money theme has been executed quite well. things get a bit interesting once this twist is revealed in the film. the way in which the current generation does everything possible for money has been shown in an innovative way.

Some emotional scenes that occur during the pre-climax have been handled well and add a lot of depth to the performances. the heroine santoshi sharma is the best of all and does her job quite sincerely. the rest of the supporting cast is mostly fine.

negative points:

From story to execution, this film has many drawbacks. the plot is thin as water and does not create much interest for the audience. most of the scenes are quite predictable and you clearly understand what will happen next.

the execution of the plot is not up to par as the emotions are not conveyed properly. the love track is boring as the much-needed chemistry between the main couple is completely missing from the film. To add insult to injury, there are the speed-breaking songs in the movie.

technical aspects:

The camera work is pathetic and looks even worse than a short film. Navneet’s music is quite disappointing as none of the tracks impress us. production values ​​are almost okay. the editing is decent, but some scenes in the second half could have been edited out. Coming to director Siva Prasad, he has done a pretty ordinary job with the film. neither his story is new nor was his execution successful. his effort is half-hearted and ends up disappointing the audience completely.


Overall, na kadha lo nenu is a message-oriented film that goes wrong from story to execution. the lack of exciting scenes and basic emotions completely kill the interest of the audience. Without many familiar faces, it will be quite difficult for the film to survive at the box office and makes it a disappointing to watch this week. rating: 2/5

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