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Nagabharanam movie review

Nagabharanam review, what’s behind it: Veteran director Kodi Ramakrishna is a brand ambassador for effectively dealing with social fantasy themes. the magic he created in recent times like anji, devi puthrudu, arundathi have been torchbearers for the younger generations to think as best they can in his imagination. Here comes one more movie from the same genre that reincarnates the late Vishnuvardhan in a cameo. let’s see, how far kodi showed the best note of it in the following review.

story of nagabharanam: for each solar eclipse, all the gods lose their powers. To save themselves from the forces of evil, they hide their divine powers in a supernatural kalasham and hide it in a secret place on earth. A brutal force from Aghora called Kapali (late Rajesh Vivek) teams up with two thugs (Ravi Kale, Mukul Dev) to take control of Kalasham. On the other side of the story, Manasa (Ramya) falls in love with the singer Naga Charan (Dignitath) and joins his music band. This troop is on a mission to win a nationwide music contest in which the Archaeological Department announces Kalasham as the winning prize. Obviously Kapali attacks Naga Charan’s music band and kills all of his friends. Who is manasa and how is her rebirth related to nagamma (ramya)? What is the flashback of her with the sivayya family, charged with the duty of protecting kalasham? how the messenger of lord shiva (the late vishnuvardhan) helps manasa to punish evil is to rest.

nagabharanam artists and technicians: the story of the basic formula of kodi and his team, although obsolete, had enough potential to create wonders, if handled properly with a tight script. the film apparently lacked focus and lowered standards within the first ten minutes after an explosive start. of course, kodi has not directed this movie even though the title credits mentioned his name because his mark in drawing the emotions, maturing the feelings or elevating the drama was sorely lacking. direction-wise, ‘nagabharanam’ is nowhere near his masterpieces. typing of ms ramesh is so immature and the kannada to telugu dubbed dialogue is deplorable. HC Venu’s camera work was fairly conventional, while the visual effects from the Makuta team are top notch. indisputably, they worked very hard in this laborious task. guru kiran’s music is louder and so is his rr. jhonyharda’s edit is a bunch of bugs. the high production standards made the film bearable to watch.

In performances, Ramya tried to emulate Anushka in many parts. Although she seemed powerful as a nagamma, her acts in the role of manasa are disgraceful. the romance track is also problematic. dignath has no ability to attract Telugu audience. the last rakesh vivek as a kapali is a total misfit. after watching sonu sood, this is infuriating. mukul dev and ravi kale are not competitive antagonists. The late Vishnuvardhan’s cameo is poorly designed. Sai Kumar shone in a special appearance. the rest need no mention.


visual effects


everything else except visual effects

nagabharanam rating analysis: having recognized with tons of talent that kodi had in the trade of supernatural thrillers dominated by stunning visual effects, we expect a standard ‘arundathi’ movie from ‘nagabharanam’ . unfortunately, it fulfilled a failure without basic emotions and elements of connectivity. furthermore, the backdrop of Kannada and non-native Telugu artists made the race dry and chafing. had kodi shown a modicum of his expertise in designing the script, the end result would have been very mixed.

Starting the story with accurate information about the solar eclipse and its effect on the gods, the story sounded very exciting. once in the introduction of the main character, the entrance of dignath and ramya began weakly. the following episodes of the romance track make no sense. pushing us onto the kapali track is just clueless and the bad editing further damaged the rotten output. the musical competition scenes and kapali killing dignath’s friends are treated atrociously.

in the second half, dignath forces ramya to narrate the flashback aired by sai kumar’s entrance. here, certain areas looked promising. at the end of the flashback, there is nothing left to guess. tying in vishnuvardhan for climax is a good move (for kannada audience). high-quality visual effects made the climax look eye-popping.

Overall, ‘nagabharanam’ is a classic case of how socio-fantasy scripts can go awry when the emotions and story are shallow. if a movie tries to balance itself on high-end cg alone, no audience can tolerate the imbalance. vfx and content if they go hand in hand, the result can be an ‘arundathi’; otherwise it is ‘nagabharanam’. cj rates the movie 2 stars thanks to the great effort put in by the vfx teams. commercially, ‘nagabharanam’ might work well for a day or two in lower order centers.

nagabharanam cinejosh verdict: when the snake bites the vfx.

nagabharanam cinejosh rating: 2.0/5.0

reviewed by srivaas

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