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Nakili telugu movie review

Video Nakili telugu movie review
Nakili-new Release date: 09 Feb 2013 Director : Jeeva Shankar Rating : 3/5 Producer : M.Rajashekar,Chnababu Arigela Music Director : Vijay Antoni Starring: Vijay Antoni, Siddharth Venugpal, Roopa Manjari

Music director of films like Daruvu & Mahatma, Vijay Anthony transformed himself as a mainstream hero with the Tamil film Naan. This movie went on to receive decent reviews in Tamil, and now its dubbed Telugu version has finally released. Lets see how it is.


The film opens with a young Karthik (Vijay Anthony), who is sent to jail for killing his own mother. he spends most of his childhood in jail and gets his higher education there. Once released, Karthik is completely disowned by his relatives. an upset kartik gets on a bus, which sadly falls off in an accident.

luckily karthik survives the crash and finds some important documents during his escape. the documents turn out to be the medical certificates of the co-passenger of he saleem. Upset with his current life, Karthik uses this as a golden opportunity and changes his name to Saleem and gains admission into a medical college.

During his college days, Karthik becomes good friends with his classmate Ashok (Siddharth Venu Gopal). Feeling sorry for Karthik, Ashok shares Karthik’s house with him. on the other hand, ashok has a rupa girlfriend (rupa manjari) who always keeps fighting with him over nonsense. One fine day a big argument breaks out between the couple and Ashok kicks Karthik out, thinking that he is to blame for the entire fight.

an annoyed ashok encounters karthik once again and begins to fight him profusely. During this serious fight, Ashok is accidentally killed by Karthik. As the police begin their investigation, Karthik commits another crime to hide the earlier mistake from him. what mistake does karthik make? Do the police manage to catch Karthik? and if karthik comes out of the mysterious crimes of him? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

vijay anthony deserves all the credit for choosing an offbeat theme like nakili and even having the guts to produce it. he looks fit and plays the role of him to perfection. Although his character has dark undertones, Vijay plays him very smoothly. Siddharth Venugopal and Rupa Manjari do justice to his supporting roles.

jeeva shankar’s direction is apt as he handles an unconventional subject quite well. handles characterization of the hero with confidence and justifies it to the end.

negative points:-

nakili lacks the basic cliffhanger effect that all suspense movies have. the movie becomes obvious after a certain point of time and the first half just drags on to build the whole story. the basic factor of song, dance and entertainment is completely missing from this film. As the film has many dark undertones, Telugu film lovers might not like the basic concept of the film.

technical aspects:-

nakili is strong on the technical side. Vijay Anthony’s background score is the highlight of the film. his score takes the movie to another level and manages to generate emotion in many scenes. Jeeva Shankar’s cinematography is very impressive. all the scenes that are shot in the dark, have been exceptionally designed. the sound mix is ​​good and the script fits the whole concept of the movie.


Overall, nakili is a film that has the decent makings of a crime thriller. Finally, if you love movies with different and dark themes, Nakili is a movie that is surely worth watching. regular movie lovers can skip this one. rating of 123 telugu: 3/5

reviewed by ashok reddy translated by avad m

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