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Nannu vadili neevu polevule movie review

Video Nannu vadili neevu polevule movie review

The noted director, selvaraghavan, stays behind and encourages his wife gitanjali to direct an adult love story titled nannu vadili nevu polevule. This dubbed version of the recently released Tamil movie has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


prabhu (balakrishna kola) is an average looking middle class IT employee who wants to experience true love. he keeps trying but, to his bad luck, he gets rejected because of his looks.

on the other hand, manoja(wamiqa gabbi) is an urban girl who doesn’t want to get married due to her troubled past. As her mother’s health begins to deteriorate, she is forced into an arranged marriage with prabhu.

differences begin to emerge between the couple due to their varied way of thinking. after a point, things spiral out of control and the couple break up. the rest of the story is how they manage to clear up their problems and get back together.

positive points:-

wamiqa gabbi is the protagonist of the film and surprises you with her emotional act. From the get-go, she grabs your attention with her petting act and delivers a solid performance. the way she has shown pain and grief through her expressions is just wonderful.

balakrishna kola is good in his role and does well in parts. although the subject is quite simple, the way it has been narrated is good in parts. the interval blast is punchy and elevates the film well. the confrontational scenes between the couple have been shown well.

negative points:-

As stated above, the story is very simple and instantly reminds you of bundavan’s 7g cologne. a normal looking guy who falls in love with a beautiful girl, all of this is quite similar to 7g. the only difference here is that the story takes place between a married couple.

Film content is dark and forceful and may not suit the sensibilities of all audiences. In addition, the pace of the film is very slow and could be very boring for lovers of commercial cinema.

The way the movie ends is pretty simple. I mean, after showing so much pain and aggression through the character of the heroine, the way she changes her mind during the pre-climax lacks conviction.

technical aspects:-

Although the film is made on a small budget, the production values ​​are quite good. the camera work is brilliant as it brings a unique mood to the proceedings. the edit was pretty good, but a song during the second half could easily have been removed.

referring to the director geetajnali, she has done a good job with the film. her writing is tight and she also executes the movie well in most parts. but it’s during the second half where her execution loses focus and brings the movie down.


In general, nannu vadili nevu polevule is a film, only for a mature and select audience. wamiqa gabbi steals the show and is the only asset. all those who like hard-hitting and close to reality dramas can give it a try, but the rest can take it easy and wait for it to come out on TV. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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