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Natakam Movie Review in Telugu |

Natakam telugu movie review

natakam is a movie that aroused a lot of curiosity with its interesting trailer. The town drama finally hit the screens today and let’s see how it turns out.


The movie is based on the small town of Chitalapudi where a group of chain robbers plan to rob the entire town. On the other hand, Koti (Ashish Gandhi) is a happy and lucky young man who falls in love with Parvati (Ashima Narwal) and decides to marry her. The twist in the story comes when the love story receives a sudden setback due to Parvati’s past. who is this parvati? Why is she in chintalapudi? And what about all the chain thieves? to know these answers, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

the main actor, ashish gandhi, is the backbone of the film. he looks handsome and has a very good screen presence. gandhi has come across very well as the village stallion and his emotional performance elevates the film most of the time. The young actor has a good future and if he selects the roles well for him, he could be a very good asset for the Telugu film industry.

The heroine Ashima makes a good debut and is perfectly suited to the role of the village belle. she provides the necessary visual appeal through her glamorous show and shares good chemistry with the hero. the movie montage looks quite realistic and has some good moments in the first half.

The family emotions displayed by the hero’s father look decent in the movie. Director Kalyanji has written the characterization of the hero well and even narrated some scenes in great depth in the first half.

negative points:

after a decent first half, the film’s pacing deflates in no time. unnecessary songs come and divert the subject. the scenes are repeated many times in the film. even the songs shown have the same format as the hero is just following the heroine and making her fall in love all the time.

the big twist shown seems downright silly and makes the movie dive into the last fifteen minutes. all the scenes shown after the twist reveal seem exaggerated and hard to believe.

Also, the so-called chain thieves thread that builds from the beginning ends with a simple fight scene. what could have been a good movie can be said to be spoiled by the director’s fixation on repeated scenes and illogical storytelling in the second half.

technical aspects:

sai karthik’s music is quite good as all songs sound good on screen. even better was his background score that elevates the town’s nativity quite nicely. Garuda Vega Anji’s camera work is top notch as it shows the images of the village in a very good and rustic way. Manikanth’s editing is sub-par as many repeated scenes could have been cut to make the movie sharp. rizwan entertainment’s production values ​​are great as the film has a really ethnic look to it and resonates well with backwater areas.

referring to director kalyanji, he has done a below average job with the film. he starts the first half well and shows promise. surprisingly, he does things so dumb and repetitive in the second half that it’s hard to believe. he has the talent as he conceived the scenes in an interesting way, but when you see them in their entirety, they don’t flow and this is where the natakam falls in the last part.


Overall, natakam promises a lot in the first half, but the silly and lethargic second half kills the movie in no time. hero ashish gandhi struggles to save the film with his breakout performance, but the narrative is so jaded that things spin out of control and the tempo never catches up. Finally, the curiosity that the trailers created is sadly not generated in the proceedings, making this movie a sub-par spectacle this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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