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Natyam movie review

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natyam is a movie that has had a lot of promotion in recent days. the dance drama has hit the screens today and let’s see how it goes.


sitara (sandhya raju) lives in a village called natyam. Since his childhood, he has been greatly inspired by a professional dancer named Kadambari. Taking her as inspiration, he learns to dance and decides to tell the story of Kadmabari through her dance performances. But with the entrance of a man named Rohit (Rohit), Sitara’s life turns upside down in her town. who is this rohit what connection does he have with the sitara? and how sitara will overcome his problems and win everyone’s heart. which forms the story.

positive points:

professional dancer, sandhya raju makes her film debut and she’s amazing. even though it is her first film, she looks quite relaxed on screen and has a good impact on the audience. she gets on well and coming to the dances brings out the best in her.

sandhya raju choreographed the songs and they are the highlights of the film. kamal kamaraju surprises everyone with her new avatar. he is very good as a dancer and gives a shocking performance.

aditya menon’s performance also gives depth to the film. the production values ​​are quite good as the dance visuals are quite rich. Although the basic theme of the film is dance, the story is contemporary and fairly well established.

negative points:

the path between sandhya raju and rohit seems forced. the director should have added more scenes to make his story seem effective on screen. it’s pretty predictable and doesn’t create much of an impact.

another drawback of the film is the slowness. there are many dance-based scenes that are added for no reason. if they had been displayed clearly, the result would have been good.

technical aspects:

As stated above, the film’s camera work and production values ​​are top notch. the creators have not compromised with the visuals and this shows in the songs. editing could have been a bit better. the dialogues are decent and the choreography deserves a special mention as it is impeccable.

as for director revanth, he has done an acceptable job with the film. although he handled the dance part well, the other parallel track in the movie is not handled well and this makes the movie fall apart.


Overall, nataym is a dance-based drama that has some well-executed dance sequences. the choreography, the performance of sandhya raju and the visuals are core assets. if you like movies based on dance, try this movie. the rest can look at other options. rating: 2.75/5

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