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Nava manmadhudu movie review

Video Nava manmadhudu movie review

Dhanush, samantha and amy jackson star nava manmadhudu finally opened today after facing some launch issues. Now let’s see how the movie turns out.


bharath(dhanush) is a simple middle-class boy who leads a happy life with his parents. During his youth, he falls in love with Hema (Amy Jackson) and spends precious moments with her.

As time passes, the couple quarrel and part ways. a depressed bharath accepts a small office job from his father and eventually marries yamuna (samantha), who is her parents’ choice.

As time passes, tragedy strikes the family and Bharath’s father (Ks Ravi Kumar) commits suicide due to a big problem. all the responsibility of the family now falls on the shoulders of bharat. the rest of the story deals with how bharat overcomes these problems and also deals with his newly married wife.

positive points:-

one of the film’s greatest assets is the love story between amy jackson and dhanush. the love story seems quite fresh and has been executed extremely well. the various emotions, romance and sticking point have been superbly handled and make up the bulk of the first half.

as the film moves into the second half, the mature love story between dhanush and samantha is very well executed. dhanush is excellent in the role of him and has two different tones to represent. It was quite a difficult character for him to play and the young star does it with aplomb. samantha looks and suits his role aptly. she sheds the star image of him and wears an unglamorous role with great ease.

amy jackson is excellent in the first half and has excellent chemistry with dhanush. acting wisely too, he has done a good job. the various emotions of the middle class and the bond between family members have been executed quite well. Both K’s Ravi Kumar and Radhika play his supporting roles well.

negative points:-

The basic drawback of the film is the thin plot which is quite routine and predictable. the only difference here is that the creators added two different love tracks and mixed family emotions.

While not a drawback, the film sinks into a very serious mood after a highly entertaining first half. the entertainment value is lost a bit here as the process becomes quite slow. some of the emotions shown are old school and don’t exist today.

technical aspects:-

One of the greatest assets of the technical department is music. anirudh has done an excellent job with the musical score. all the songs are excellent and they have also been shot realistically. but what takes the cake is anirudh’s background score, which is hard-hitting. the camera work is another winner, as the middle class setting has been shown in a realistic way. dialogue is natural and so were the production values.

as for the director vel raj, his story idea is very good, but the execution part fails a bit during the second part. too much predictability and melodrama make nava manmadhudu a routine experience during this time. if he had worked a little more in the second half, the result would have been even better.


Overall, nava manmadhudu is a good family artist who has his moments. an excellent first half, surprising performances from the leading pair are core assets. on the other hand, a slightly slow and predictable second half and an outdated story make this movie easy to watch for those who like simple, realistic thrills. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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