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Nayagi review. Nayagi Tamil movie review, story, rating –

Nayagi tamil movie review

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Nayagi review. Nayagi Tamil movie review, story, rating -

The year 2016 has seen close to a dozen horror comedy films and director Govi’s ‘Nayagi’ joins the list. he is not just another, as he will be remembered for years to come for the wrong reason. ‘nayagi’ is the movie with tedious horror and torturous comedy, which is really painful to watch, even for review purpose.

sanjay (sathyam raju), an overconfident short filmmaker, brings his loyal friend sandhya (sushma raj) to his friend’s guest house with the evil intent of cheating on her. but they divert to a secluded bungalow. they soon discover the presence of a ghost gaytri (trisha) that is only visible through a mobile phone camera.

Sanjay later learns that Gayatri and his father (Jayaprakash, who is also a ghost, we assume) are on a mission to reform or kill men who cheat on women under the guise of love.


what happens to sanjay and his girlfriend and what is the story behind gayatri that turned her into a ghost, howling for the blood of unfaithful men, forms the rest of the film.

It seems that director govi cared little for a novel-sounding story or a script with interesting ideas. the premise of a tricked-out girl who becomes a ghost to kill promiscuous men is as old as the hills of kollywood.

The entire first half of the movie relies heavily on slapstick comedy that hardly elicits laughter. Most of Sathyam Raj’s (who takes most of the first half) antics in the name of comedy are actually irritating and no one will behave like him when he knows he is in a place haunted by a ghostly spirit. sendrayan’s character is added in the latter half to spice up the comedic quotient, but a million dollar prize should be awarded to someone who figures out how the creators thought these scenes would make anyone laugh.

However, the part that causes waves of laughter in the theater is the part before the climax and the song that is part of the end of the ghost’s flashback. this is the part that the writer should have thought of as the serious and forceful part of the movie. even the other flashback parts that form the backbone of the film have nothing to entice or entertain except the fact that it is set in the 1970s and the efforts to bring authenticity to the period are appreciable.

there are some ideas that really work here and there: the main character who aspires to become a heroine and her dream lives on even after becoming a ghost, the ghost is visible only through a mobile camera and the ghost using a group of men killed by her to horrify her new target. but these are very short to keep the movie from being a painful watch.

for a film advertised as bilingual, the tamil version has a lot of telugu flavour; even the men’s suits resemble the Telugu style. but this seems like a minor problem compared to the others in the movie.

sathyam raju despite going overboard with his antics, he gives a good performance and also manages to elicit a few giggles. sushma raj is suitable for the role of her and she makes her mark in the scenes where she takes the form of a ghost.

the movie should belong to trisha, but sadly it isn’t. With such a poorly written character, she fails to make any impact even with the 1970s setting and costumes. The song ‘Bhayam’ (also sung by her) that appears during the end credits will be the only saving grace for fans of trisha.

jayaprakash has been wasted. it’s really disheartening to see people laughing at his gestures in the pre-climax song, which isn’t really his fault. Veteran comedian Brammanandam appears in the climax portion and has been added to add star value to the cast. it’s shocking to see ganesh venkatraman in a character like this and his acting also leaves a lot to be desired.

raghu kunche songs add no value. Sai Karthik’s re-recording fits the bill perfectly. Cinematographer Jagadeesh Chechetti has done a commendable job with his lens, especially on night scenes and interiors.

verdict: not recommended even if you are an ardent fan of trisha.

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