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Nee jathaleka telugu movie review

Video Nee jathaleka telugu movie review

naga shourya has become a profitable hero now with some good hits under his belt. but, his first film in which he acted, ne jataleka never saw the light of day. Finally, the movie managed to see the release today. let’s see how it is.


akhil(naga shourya) has a rich girlfriend named swapna(sarayu). he keeps fighting with her all the time and breaks up with her one fine day. Seeing Akhil’s condition, his best friend suggests that he make his girlfriend jealous to get her back with him.

Taking this to his advantage, Akhil asks his own friend’s girlfriend (parul) to help him. But the twist in the story comes when both Akhil and Parul fall in love. What are they going to do now ? How will they manage their respective lovers and win their love? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

one of the biggest draws of the film is the main heroine parul. it looks decent and also performance wise it has done a good job during the second half. the music of the film is quite good as all the songs are quite hummable and they have also been well filmed.

The last half hour is a bit better as the love triangle has some emotional moments. the production values ​​of the film are very good as the proceedings have been shown quite decently. the emotional breakup scenes between the main couple have also been shown well.

negative points:-

The narration of the film is so bad that a good actor like naga shourya also seems exaggerated and helpless. his disinterest in the film is clearly shown on screen and the misdirection makes this routine and predictable love story even boring.

The history of film is as old as our ancestors. the shot, the execution of the scene and the various dialogues used to project the love are pathetic and can leave you with a headache.

There is absolutely no clarity on the characters shown, as the main couple behaves strangely in many scenes. sometimes they are in love and sometimes they say they are just friends. such is the situation of this film that has no direction.

technical aspects: –

As I said before, both the music and the production values ​​are very good. the editing is fine, as is the art direction. the script is very bad as the creators have ruined a simple love story to no extent. the dubbing of the film is horrible. coming to director lawrence dasari, he has done a very poor job with the film. Instead of telling a simple story in a straightforward way, it adds so many outdated and unnecessary scenes that you’ll be completely bored.


Overall, ne jataleka is a film that naga shourya will want to erase from his memory as soon as possible. the outdated story, poor acting, and boring storytelling kill this movie completely. ignore this movie completely, even if you’re a huge fan of naga shourya. rating: 2/5

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