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Neevevaro Telugu Movie Review |

Neevevaro movie review

neevevaro had decent expectations after the engaging trailer caught the attention of moviegoers. Starring Aadhi Pinishetty, Tapsee Pannu and Ritika Singh, the film has hit screens today. let’s see whether the suspenseful drama can keep the viewers interested or not.


kalyan(aadhi pinishetty) is a blind chef who feels his self-confidence and determination are much stronger than his medical condition. His childhood friend Anu (Ritika Singh) is supportive of Kalyan and has a special place for him in her heart, but Kalyan does not reciprocate such feelings.

One fine day, Kalyan meets Pallavi (Tapsee Pannu) and falls in love with her after seeing her kind nature. Even Pallavi develops a liking for Kalyan, who agrees to bail her out of a big financial problem. Just when everything seems to be going well, Kalyan has a little accident and while they are treating him, the doctors discover that she can get her vision back after a surgery.

As soon as Kalyan regains consciousness, he discovers that Pallavi has disappeared. Will Kalyan be able to track down Pallavi? and what is the real twist behind this story? the answers to these questions form the main plot of the film.

positive points:

aadhi pinishetty proved that he is a worthy actor several times in the past and also lives up to his tag in neevevaro. aadi managed to show a nice variation between the two phases of his role and makes the proceedings look quite convincing.

tapsee pannu gets a meaty role and puts in a very good performance in the movie. Ritika Singh looks good on screen and does her role justice. aadarsh ​​balakrishna is also seen as visually impaired and his portrayal of his character is very natural. the rest of the supporting cast did the part of him well. some sequences in the second half are played on an engaging note and build decent suspense.

comedy track with vennela kishore tickles the funny bones as the star comedian provides ample entertainment with his one-liners and quirky expressions that are good.

negative points:

neevevaro is one of those movies that needed to keep viewers glued to the screen from the start. however, the uneven script of the first half puts off viewers. it seems that the intro part was dragged unnecessarily and this messes up the tempo.

One can expect an intense second half that follows the concept of the heroine, but the film takes a slightly different path. action lovers may find themselves distracted as comedy replaces the original plot of the film.

Once the sticking point is revealed, the climax is nothing more than a weak and predictable revenge drama that plays out in a wafer-thin plot. the writer should have increased the unpredictability factor to offer a new experience to the viewers.

technical aspects:

The director, Harinath, adapted the Kona Venkat-infested script and does it well up to a point. He tries his best to keep things going by running some comedy episodes on Vennela Kishore, but he’s out of ideas during the pre-climax sequence.

the music of achu rajamani and prasan is almost ok. only the ‘vennela’ song has replay value and the rest fail to pack a punch. what really stands out is the background score, which is something new sound-wise. production values ​​are good as each frame looks rich and vibrant. plus, the men behind the camera did a decent job.


Overall, neevevaro is a typical suspenseful drama with a stellar cast and skilled crew. the central plot evokes some emotions, but falls short of the intensity in the episodes leading up to the climax, submerging the thrill factor when it matters most. Vennela Kishore’s decent comedy works well in the second half, but that’s not what one would expect from an intense suspense thriller. plus, the script fails to pack a punch once the sticking point is revealed, making for a sub-par watch this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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