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No way out malayalam movie review

Video No way out malayalam movie review

Newcomer Nithin Devidas carries out the traumatic course of survival thriller ‘no way out’ in a uniquely captivating way.

but the continuous slips of the main actor to absorb the protagonist, the emotions and the weight of the situations pose a constant threat to the aesthetic throughout the narrative.

the trite theme simply serves as a turbulent premise to launch the plot, also written by devidas, denying any new proposal for the audience.

Unemployed David Cheriyan finds himself in dire straits after gambling on a trading company and borrowing huge sums from a friend and other sources.

Now, he finds himself in an uncertain situation and is being cornered by his sponsors and close relatives who make demands on him that he cannot meet.

The pandemic-induced lockdown adds fuel to their turmoil. The story is about whether or not David survives the trauma.

The film progresses in an almost real-time format with flashback interludes streaming through to provide much-needed backstory to the plot.

since the protagonist’s struggle and dilemma takes place over a significant period of time, a lot of depth and detail was inexorably needed or could have been used to present the various cascades of human emotion that sweep over a person reeling in such a situation .

but pisharody shows his limits in exploring the wonders of art as he gradually cuts through a myriad of psychotic forts and lets the audience witness his static, stress-filled countenance throughout the film.

Raveena Nair as David Suju’s wife, Dharmajan Bolgatty as Subhash, and Basil Joseph as Rejimon are other actors who appear as prominent characters in the film. while david’s mother and friend ravi make their presence felt strongly through their voices.

The songs composed by k r rahul are compelling and uplifting. david vargheese does an outstanding job behind the camera. but then again, there’s this cacophony of background scores to spoil the senses and spoil what little interest remains in the drama.

as a saga of survival, ‘dead end’ cannot be dismissed entirely. is an engaging story that sometimes tests your patience.

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