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the easiest moving experience ever

I recently had the craziest but best possible moving experience with nobel. my roommate and i lived in the same apartment for the last 5 years since i moved to florida for school in 2006 and i moved 1-2 times a year during my stay in tallahassee. it was terrible. when i graduated and came to miami my first apartment was beautiful but was a mess when it came to ac outages, power not working, termites etc. i moved to downtown miami and after that experience i never wanted to move again. When the time finally came, it took me months to find the right apartment, weeks to sort out the paperwork, and I was finally ready to move. my roommate wore nobel and said she was great so i called to make an appointment. when i made the call i found out my application hadn’t been reviewed by the hoa yet and i couldn’t move in… so i hung up. I spent the next 12 hours fighting with them and they finally gave me the go-ahead to move in Friday…at 3 p.m. m…. thursday. I called Nobel frantically, as I would be out of town the following week, which was also the end of the month, and explained the situation. I spoke to elena and asked her if it was possible to get moves the next morning at 8am. m. to move a 2 bedroom apartment in 6 hours. she pulled the strings with her supervisors, did the initial paperwork over the phone with me outlining what was to be moved, sent me a quote and insurance paperwork that buildings require movers to have, and magically in 45 minutes she had it all figured out. my moving issues issues. ray and hers two helpers of hers were not only at my apartment at 8 a.m. the next day, but they packed everything in less than 3 hours. I packed as I wrapped all my furniture in cardboard and blankets to protect leather, glass mirrors, picture frames, keepsakes and breakables. when we got to my new place we had to wait for almost an hour for the previous move to finish. I was not charged overtime for the hour of waiting. they moved everything, asked which room it should be placed in, unpacked and placed my couch, tvs, desk and even put together my bed. we did the final check to make sure he had everything he needed and they were on their way. I didn’t realize until 2 days later that I was missing a box, and immediately sent Ray a text (at 10pm) explaining how stupid it was and that it contained all my glass memorabilia from world travels. needless to say, the box was important. They had already emailed me the next day saying that they found the box in the car and that it was waiting for me in the warehouse. I spoke with Elena and they told me that I could withdraw it at any time, but due to my work schedule it would be difficult to obtain it. one of her employees drove it to me, from the north of miami to the city center (an hour drive during rush hour, that was), free of charge. I have moved more than 10 times in the last ten years and have never worked with anyone who has been so competent, helpful and responsive. I have recommended them

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