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Review : Nuvvila – Very enjoyable romantic comedy |

Nuvvila telugu movie review

Release date: 03 November 2011 Rating : 3.25/5 Director : Ravi Babu Producer : Ramoji Rao Music Director : Shekar Chandra Starring: Ajay, Havish, Prasad, Yami Gautam, Remya Nambeesan and others

Director Ravibabu has carved a niche for himself as a director of sensible urbane movies that are very stylish and sophisticated. He is now back with a romantic drama ‘Nuvvila’ that has newcomers in the lead roles. Let us see how the movie fares.

story: nuvvila is the story of three young friends who fall in love under very different circumstances. there are three separate love tracks in the film. anand (ajay), phidel raju (prasad) and mahesh (havish) are great friends who work together at a pizza center. Anand is a very confused guy who takes a gap year to decide if he wants to study engineering or medicine. he falls in love with his neighbor archana (yami). In a twist to the story, Archana is madly in love with a famous Vishnu cricketer and gets in trouble for it.

Phidel Raju’s goal is to become a famous musician and his handicap is that he cannot pronounce the ‘sa’ sound. He has a love-hate relationship with his childhood friend Rani (Remya). little by little they discover that they love each other more than they hate each other.

mahesh is hell-bent on becoming a model and has a very carefree nature. he is always running after interesting girls. he has an interesting relationship with madhavi (sarayu) and there is another turn involving a gay admirer shailu (haleem).

The three friends experience ups and downs in their relationships, and the fact that they end up achieving their dreams is the rest of the story.

Good points: There is some excellent comedy in the film. especially the first half has magnificent scenes involving all the main characters and the movie progresses at a very lively pace. among the male leads, top marks go to prasad and havish. both have excellent comedy timing that is impressive for newcomers. the scenes where prasad tries to impress the famous musical directors of telugu cinema are hilarious due to his inability to pronounce ‘sa’.

there’s a very humorous track between havish and haleem that has gay undertones. however, the comedy never goes too far and is in very good taste. all three female leads score points in this film. yami is fantastic in the role of archana and is a girl to watch out for in the future. Remya and Sarayu look good and give effective performances.

ravibabu continues to make brief appearances throughout the movie as a cop and is extremely effective at eliciting a lot of laughs. his comedy timing is very good and it would be great if he made more movie appearances. Radha Kumari as Bamma and Master Atulith are good in their short roles.

The songs have been integrated very well into the film and never break the flow of the narrative.

Bad points: The second half progresses at a bit of a slow pace in the middle and has some overly melodramatic and topical moments. Some of the concepts shown in the film like gay marriage and parent-child relationships are a bit radical for our society.

jay could have put in a more energetic performance since his histrionics lacks energy. he is completely overshadowed by prasad and havish.

Technical Departments: The movie doesn’t look or feel like a low-budget movie at all. Ravi Babu excelled at hitting the comedy quotient. the script is mostly good except for a few moments in the second half. the cinematography is good. shekhar chandra’s music is top notch and goes well with the theme of the movie. editing is decent. the opening titles are nice and innovative. ravibabu’s dialogue is witty and sharp.

analysis: nuvvila is a very enjoyable urban comedy that will greatly appeal to young professionals and students. good comedy and decent performances will draw a crowd. there is hardly a dull moment in the film. Ravibabu’s brilliance makes you forget that the film has many newcomers. go with your gang of friends and watch this movie. you will leave happy.

– mahesh k.s rating: 3.25/5

legend: 5 – flawless

4 – must watch

3 – unique watch

2 – wait for the dvd

1 – stay away

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