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Officer movie review

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after a long hiatus, rgv and nagarjuna are back with a serious police drama named officer. the movie has hit the screens today and let’s see how the movie turns out.


sivaji rao(nagarjuna) is a hyderabad based officer who is stationed in mumbai to handle the case of a corrupt policeman named pansari. Sivaji successfully manages to arrest Pansari but the latter uses all of his influence and breaks out of jail and joins the duty with him. This time, he becomes even more deadly and starts targeting Sivaji. The rest of the story is how Sivaji handles all of his problems and once again proves that Pansari is actually a criminal disguised as a policeman.

positive points:

nagarjuna looks super fit and handsome in his role as a policeman. after a long interval you can see him in an aggressive role and the star actor does it well and anchors the movie completely. all the scenes of him with his daughter are very well executed. the movie starts on a promising note as the first ten minutes are gripping.

The first half has some good moments with the mumbai police set up as rgv has managed to get a decent look for the movie. certain investigation scenes look interesting and have been well conceived in the first half.

negative points:

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the main villain. rgv should have chosen a better or known actor to make things interesting. not even in one scene does the villain create any impact on the audience and he is by no means fit to face the annoyance in many scenes.

after starting the film on a gripping note, rgv’s narration takes a turn during the second half. the way the main villain joins his duty makes nag part of his team and the various turns of events aren’t that interesting. the basic drama that is the highlight of all rgv movies is missing from this movie.

the climax is not drawn out by showing the fist fight between the hero and the villain. the supporting cast is very weak and doesn’t create any depth to the proceedings. rgv’s storytelling lacks focus as an interesting script goes rogue and the impact is lost in transit.

technical aspect:

Although the film was made on a small budget, the production values ​​are good. thankfully rgv hasn’t messed with the camera angles too much as the cinematography looks neat. All of the production design, mumbai cop settings, and locations look realistic. the editing is decent and so was the dialogue.

As for director rgv, he has done a half-hearted job with the film. it can probably be said that rgv would have done this same story in a very exciting way ten years ago. rgv, which usually has its place in the casting, has officially failed. the selection of the villain and the acting of him are the biggest drawbacks and do not create any impact.


Overall, officer is a good script gone wrong as a movie. rgv’s story idea is interesting, but his narration is not that exciting. the weak villain, the not-so-engaging hero-villain moments, and the lack of drama hinder the flow of the film. This isn’t some kind of RGV disaster movie, but the proceedings aren’t all that exciting either. Except for Nag’s heartfelt performance, this movie has nothing new to offer. all those who want to see nag in an aggressive avatar after a long time can give this movie a chance, but the rest can look for something else more promising. rating: 2.5/5

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