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Oka Chinna Viramam Telugu Movie Review |

Oka chinna viramam movie review

Continuing the trend of the low-budget thriller, another movie hitting screens today is oka chinna viramam. let’s see how it is.


sanjay varma (deepak) and syam (garima singh) are a couple who are also business partners and work at a milk stall. Since their business isn’t making a good profit, they get a crazy deal from a stranger. deepak, who is a little short of money, says yes, but his wife rejects the offer. what was wrong with the offer? Will deepak convince his wife to accept the deal? what happened, in the end, is the whole story of the movie.

positive points:

The concept of the film seems a bit interesting. In addition, the social message conveyed in the film is also clear. the hero sanjay varma does a good job in the role of him. his delivery of dialogue, body language, and expressions in very tense scenes are quite good.

heroine garima singh looks cute in her homey look and she did well in her character. the chemistry between the couple is pretty decent. The highlight of the film was the comedian Naveen Neni. his comedy is good and brings some moments of relief in the movie.

negative points:

For any thriller to click, the proceedings need to be riveting and suspenseful, but that’s not the case in this film, as none of the main scenes make an impact. the director tried hard to evoke good emotions in the second half, but the supposed scenes don’t create any effect either.

The characterizations of both the hero and heroine lack clarity and should have been narrated in even more depth. there was a lot of room to make the movie exciting, but the director didn’t make the most of it. there are many scenes in the movie that are too cinematic.

technical aspects:

bharat’s music is ok but his background music was awesome. Rohit’s camera work is quite good as the suspense scenes have been shown quite well. editing was disappointing as many scenes could have been cut to make things better. coming to the director sandeep, the idea of ​​him is good, but the execution part had a lot of mistakes and he removed the movie in a short time.


Overall, oka chinna viramam is an old-fashioned thriller that has nothing to do. the so-called fast-paced scenes seem forced and do not create any impact on the film. Except for a few comedy scenes, this movie has nothing to offer and can be left alone this weekend. rating: 2.25/5

reviewed by 123telugu team

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