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Review : Onamaalu – Noble attempt |

Onamalu movie review

Release date: 27 July 2012 Director : Kranthi Madhav Producer : Kranthi Madhav Music Director : Koti Starring: Rajendra Prasad, Kalyani

‘onamaalu’, starring natakireeti dr. rajendra prasad and kalyani in the lead roles, has been released worldwide today. The film has been promoted as a “Telugu Accha Cinema” and Kranthi Madhav is the director. he is also the producer and koti has composed the music. let’s see how the movie is.


narayana rao (rajendra prasad) is a simple and patriotic village school teacher who takes immense pleasure in working for the betterment of his students and his people. The film shows Narayana Rao returning from the United States to his hometown after a long break. while feelings and affection used to be the ruling forces in the town he left, commercialism and greed are the ruling forces in the town he returns to.

Pained by the changes in his village and embarrassed by the rapid decline of human values ​​due to urbanization, Narayana Rao sets out to repair the damage that time has done. In between, flashback episodes show the life Narayana Rao used to lead in his village and the bonds shared between members of various communities.

will narayana rao be able to stop the damage and make people take notice? which forms the story of onamaalu

positive points:

onamaalu is a noble attempt by director kranthi madhav to show what life was like in pre-urban india. emphasis is placed on showing human relationships and the rich cultural traditions that were part of our way of life. and for this reason alone, kranthi madhav needs to be applauded.

Rajendra Prasad is one of the best actors to have graced the Telugu big screen and his class is evident in this film. he is perfect for the role and we can see that he had fun while filming this movie. chalapathi rao, siva parvathi and kalyani do a good job

negative points:

Although noble in concept, the film tends to be very preachy at times. besides, people are unnaturally good. maybe that was really the case many generations ago, but it will be hard for this generation to believe and relate to.

also, people tend to change instantly after hearing a rajendra prasad sermon. it’s a bit too much, even when cinematic liberties are factored in. For example, the village mineral water purveyor feels compelled to abandon his business after Rajendra Prasad delivers a brief monologue extolling the abundance of water in India.

the pace is slow.

technical aspects:

Hari Anumolu’s cinematography is good and clearly shows the beauty of the countryside. Kadir Babu’s dialogues are good in places and will strike a chord with people who grew up in the villages. editing could have been sharper.


onamaalu is a brave attempt from director kranthi madhav and features a commendable performance from rajendra prasad. this is not your average commercial movie and will not have any masala elements. it suffers from being too preachy and some of the scenes are too idealistic, disregarding the realities on the ground. check it out if you want to see something different and want to experience the simplicity of village life in a bygone era. rating: na: This film cannot be rated within the parameters used to assess typical commercial cinema.

reviewed by ashok reddy

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