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Review : Paagal – Forced romantic drama |

Pagal movie review

vishwak sen is back with his new movie paagal. the movie is on the big screens and let’s see if it lives up to the hype or not.


prem(vishwak sen) is very close to his mother(bhumika). but sadly, at a very young age, he loses her to cancer. he always remembers her mom telling him that if you truly love someone, they will love you too. so, taking this seriously, he keeps proposing to all the girls he meets. but sadly he is rejected until he finally falls in love with teera (nivetha pethuraj). What changes did teera bring in prem’s life and did she find true love or does it not form paagal’s story?

positive points:

vishwak sen is the mainstay and carries the entire film on his shoulders. vishwak is quite energetic as him and he looks great when he delivers the exaggerated proposal scenes. bhumika impresses in a brief cameo.

The first half of the movie is quite funny and has good moments. the comedy generated through the various proposals of vishwak sen and murali sharma’s track is good.

nivetha pethuraj is decent in her role and has good scenes to play. comedian mahesh, auto ram prasad do well in her scenes. the chemistry between nivetha and vishwak looks good.

negative points:

paagal has good moments in the first half and when you think things will get exciting, proceedings go overboard. nivetha pethuraj and vishwak’s love story doesn’t have the right emotion. pain and drama are missing in the love story.

Also, the conflict point is quite boring in the second half and the murali sharma hint which is connected to the main story doesn’t create much impact. everything seems rushed and adds up to weave the story.

nivetha pethuraj and her approach to the love story is weak. his character is unclear and the way the director narrates his track is forced and doesn’t have the right depth. the father-daughter angle should have been raised a bit more.

technical aspects:

The music in the movie is pretty good, but the background music was almost okay. production values ​​are good as vizag and its surroundings are well displayed. dialogue and writing were good in the first half, but average in the second.

as for director mahesh, he has done a half job with the film. By qualifying hero as paagal, he has written good scenes and comedy in the first half. but when it comes to the key love story, he rushes things and narrates the love story with a confusing characterization of the heroine.


Overall, paagal is a romantic drama with a decent first half. comedy keeps the audience entertained and vishwak sen does it well. but the film fails during the second half, as the love story is weak, routine and lacks the necessary emotion, making paagal a half love story. rating: 2.5/5

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