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Pantham movie review

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the hero gopichand is going through a series of failures and has placed high hopes in his new movie, pantham, which hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


vikranth(gopichand) plans a series of robberies against prominent politicians. after a big robbery in his house, the interior minister, nayak (sampath) orders an investigation. To his surprise, he learns that the man behind these thefts is Vikranth and why he has done all this. who is this vikranth? What is the backstory of him? Why did he target politicians? to know all this, you have to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:

The gopichand hero leads from the front and delivers a rock-solid performance. As expected, he is good with his fights and also improved his performance. His acting, especially during the crucial court scene, is very impressive.

comedy episodes with prudhvi and srinivasa reddy are good in most areas. Sampath did a good job as a corrupt minister and brings a lot of depth to the movie.

The first half has been kept light with good heists showing up one after another and the second half is where the real plot is revealed with a twist. the social message that has been shown is quite good and has a lot of relatable connection.

negative points:

There is absolutely no chemistry between the film’s two leads, which is a bit of a drawback in the first half. Mehrene doesn’t have a good style and the hint of him is a turnoff in the movie. once the plot is revealed, things get pretty predictable and routine in the second half.

There is nothing new in the story line as many heist-based movies like these have been made many times in the past. Even though the given social message looks good, the way the proceedings are narrated doesn’t give the film the necessary oomph.

The film’s music is also very disappointing and doesn’t help both halves. in addition, the songs enter as speed brakes to the flow of the film. the movie mostly takes place in the thread of sampath and gopichand and this is where things get a bit boring in the second half.

technical aspects:

the production values ​​of k radha mohan are very good as a lot of money has been spent on the film. the camera work is also decent and it shows the film in a good light. the dialogues written on social issues are very good and forceful. the editing is decent and so was the production design.

as for the director chakri, he has done a good job with the film. he has chosen a relatively outdated theme and added a contemporary social issue to it. but the way he showed the film in the second half leaves a lot to be desired. but he handles things well during the climax and ends on a passable note.


Overall, pantham is a decent social drama with a decent message. Even though the story is outdated, director Chakri has made sure that there is some fun in the first half and that the climax is satisfying. the movie has a chance to do well in b and c centers but the multiplex audience will find things pretty routine hence this movie is just an average viewing this weekend. rating: 3/5

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