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Review : Vakeel Saab – Gripping courtroom drama |

Pawan kalyan vakeel saab movie review

vakeel saab is one of the most anticipated movies of this year as it marks pawan kalyan’s return to cinema after three long years. let’s see if the movie lives up to the hype or not.


pallavi(nivetha thomas) zarina(anjali) and ananya(ananya) are three close friends who live in hyderabad and work in different offices. they attend a party and get into trouble with the boys. by the way, one of the girls hurt vamsi (vamsi krishna). this creates a huge mess and a case is filed against the three women. With no other choice, the ladies approach the lawyer Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan) to fight the case against the powerful Nanda (Prakash Raj). Will Satyadev manage to do justice to the three ladies? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

pawan kalyan is back after a long hiatus and he doesn’t disappoint his fans one bit. Although he seems subdued in the first half, he does his best and delivers a solid performance in the latter part. Vakeel Saab brings out the actor in Pawan Kalyan and the star hero does great in all courtroom scenes with Prakash Raj. Pawan’s dialogue delivery is also on point with the movie.

director venu sriram superbly showcases pawan’s swag and presence on screen, as he has perfectly balanced the content with the commercial aspects. prakash raj is very good as a criminal lawyer and brings solid depth to the proceedings. Ananya is doing well as a girl from a small town. vamsi who played the villain is good together with mukesh rishi.

The three ladies need a special mention as each of them has done a good job. especially nivetha thomas and anjali, they light up the second half with their emotional outbursts. The talented actors elevate the angle of women’s empowerment with their performance in a superb way and bring tears to our eyes in the courtroom scenes.

thaman is also an undoubted hero of the movie as his music and music is excellent. he lights up the second part with the solid marker on him. the script, the dialogues, the confrontation scenes in the second half are simply excellent and end the movie on a strong note.

negative points:

we all know that vakeel saab is the new version of pink and the creators added a flashback and a love track to give the movie a commercial effect. but this is one of the drawbacks, as it derails the movie and diverts the content.

The first half slows down in the middle portions as routine scenes are thrown at the audience. Pawan Kalyan has almost nothing to do in the first half and fans would be a bit disappointed to see him bored during this time.

shruthi hassan’s role is weightless and her makeup looks weird. her chemistry with pawan kalyan also seems forced. So many scenes related to Pawan Kalyan’s political career have been added and they are whistle-worthy. fans will love it, but others will feel like bhajana.

technical aspects:

as said before, thaman has taken the movie to another level. the production values ​​of the film are top notch as the camera work looks realistic. the dialogues deserve a special mention as they are solid and convey a lot of emotion.

The script is boring in the first half, but it improves magnificently in the second half. the editing is decent, but at least close to ten minutes and a song in the flashback could have been cut for better running time and good flow of scenes.

coming to director venu sriram, he has lived up to all the expectations placed on him. he has delivered what the fans wanted along with a social message that is relevant in today’s times. he doesn’t modify the pink much and just adds a little flashback. although it starts off slow with the flashback, venu picks up the movie in the second half and leaves no room for complaint.


Overall, vakeel saab is an emotional court drama with a good message. Pawan Kalyan makes a solid comeback and delivers an outstanding performance. the supporting cast does well and the film has enough commercial elements for the fans. the flashback in the first half is boring and could have been avoided. barring this, vakeel saab finishes like clockwork exciting this weekend. Go for it. rating: 3.5/5

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