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Peddanna Telugu Movie Review |

Peddanna movie review

peddanna is a movie that not many knew was released in the first place today. rajinikanth protagonist is available as a diwali release and let’s see what he is like.


veeranna (rajinikanth) loves her sister kanakam (keerthi suresh) to death and will go to any lengths for her. One fine day, she arranges her marriage, and just on the day of the wedding, Kanakam runs away creating a huge setback for Veeranna and her family. Six months pass and Veeranna finds out that Kanakam is in Kolkotta and in deep trouble. why is kanakam in calcutta? What is her problem? And how did Veeranna save her? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

rajinikanth is the basic asset of the film. even at this age, he dances and delivers solid dialogue. her screen presence is superb and rajini shares a charming bond with keerthy suresh. Nayanthara looks beautiful and plays the part of her convincingly.

keerthy suresh has a meaty role and is mostly sore in the second half. the national award-winning actress does well in her role. the scenes with meena and khushboo create some laughs in the first half.

The first half is based on the town and has decent thrills. the fights shown are good and the ones designed in rajini will please their fans a bit.

negative points:

the film is directed by siva and brings an ancient story to the audience. the story is so mundane that you know exactly what will happen next.

the narration is so old and boring that even rajini can’t save the movie after a point. the brother-sister bond lacks focus in the second half. Rajini, who loves her sister to death, doesn’t even confront her and keeps saving her from the thugs. this basic logic is worth throwing away.

the point of conflict in the movie is quite boring and has no meaning. jagapathi babu is getting so repetitive in his roles and so is abhimanyu singh. Nayanthara has nothing to do but appear as Rajini’s assistant in the movie.

technical aspects:

the creators have spent a lot and it shows on the screen. the songs and bgm is the biggest inconvenience and doesn’t create any impact. the telugu dubbing is perfect and so are the dialogues. the production design is good and the camera work renders the images of the town beautifully.

approaching director siva narrates the film in a very boring way. The emotions fail to create any impact and the thrill that Rajini fans are looking for is missing from the film. there is nothing new that the movie shows and generates boredom most of the time.


Overall, peddanna is a long running family drama stuck in the 80’s. lack of thrills, boring conflict point and boring second half are big drawbacks of this movie. hardcore rajini fans will love their demigod, but the rest of the movie is a very boring affair and overly dramatic to say the least. rating: 2.5/5

reviewed by 123telugu team

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