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Pellichupulu movie review

Video Pellichupulu movie review

pelli choopulu, is a film that has created much of a stir late. Since the day the trailer was released, this movie has received positive feedback. The romantic comedy is directed by Tarun Bhaskar and has Vijaya Devarakonda and Ritu Varma as the main leads. Now let’s see if the movie lives up to the buzz it’s created.


prashanth(vijay) is a happy and lucky young man who takes it easy in life. he doesn’t want to follow the herd mentality and aspires to become a chef. Seeing his carefree attitude, his father decides to marry him off and arranges his alliance with a career-oriented girl named Chitra (ritu varma).

To Prashanth’s bad luck, Chitra reveals that she is not interested in getting married and wants to start a food truck business. a disappointed prashanth, he leaves the stage and decides to move on in life and finds another girl in a well-off family.

but there too, he is disappointed because his future father-in-law asks him to start his own business first and then asks for his daughter’s hand. Left with no other choice, Prashanth seeks Chitra’s help and starts a food truck business in partnership.

Unsurprisingly, cupid comes between the two, who now have different personal goals. the rest of the story is how this couple resolve their individual issues and come together in the end.

positive points:-

One of the film’s brightest assets is, without a doubt, its freshness. from the main characters to the staging, everything seems so contemporary. Credit must go to director Tharun for writing some beautifully shot roles for each actor in the film.

vijay devarakonda is excellent as a prashanth and is an actor to watch out for in the future. Being only his second film, the way he has portrayed his confused character speaks volumes about his talent. the chemistry of him with ritu of him is just amazing and it’s also the selling point of the movie. the way the couple converse and act out their roles is just lovely to watch on screen.

ritu varma takes you by surprise like chitra. her role as the strong-willed independent girl brings a spring to the process. she holds the screen with her beautiful emotions and at the same time looks beautiful. the supporting cast does a wonderful job in the film. especially priyadarshi, who plays the hero’s sidekick is a joy to watch. all the dialogues and phrases of her provoke magnificent laughs.

The first half of the movie is quite brilliant and has some very funny moments. the love story between the couple and the way all the confrontation scenes have been designed very freshly is what fits this movie

negative points:-

As with any love story, this movie is also quite predictable in nature. the pace of the film slows down a bit during the second half. Pelli Choopulu is not the regular commercial artist you come across on a daily basis and a certain section of the audience may find him too slow. there are scenes that seem repetitive and this could have been easily fixed in the second half.

technical aspects:-

pelli choopulu is one of the best made films of recent times. Either because of the writing or because of the romantic episodes narrated by Tharun, this film looks urban but at the same time, the nativity and Telugu flavor have been kept intact. Tarun Bhaskar’s effortless direction takes this film to another leap in terms of Tollywood storytelling.

The camera work is top notch and so is the art direction. the production values ​​are excellent as the film looks quite rich. Vivek Sagar’s background score is exceptional, but his music is almost okay. the script is a great advantage since many scenes have been narrated in a tense way.


pelli choopulu is a film that comes as a breath of fresh air in the midst of heavy pollution from commercial cinema. the film has many beautiful moments that one can easily relate to. With this movie, Tollywood finds another talent named Tharun Bhaskar as his effortless storytelling makes things smooth throughout the whole process. the film will do well in the centres, abroad and especially the younger generation will enjoy it in a big way. finally, all those who want to see a clean and nice love story, pelli choopulu is a movie not to be missed. rating: 3.5/5

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