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Pogaru movie review

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The king of action, arjun’s nephew, dhruva sarja is making his telugu debut with the movie pogaru. the masala entertainer has premiered on quite a number of screens in telugu states. let’s see how it is.


siva(dhruva sarja) loses her father at a very young age. Upon this, her mother (Pavitra Lokesh) marries again leaving Siva in dire straits. This big change in Siva’s life makes him go crazy and lead a carefree life. things change when he falls in love with a teacher (rashmika) in his colony. his entrance changes siva’s life in a big way. The rest of the story is about how Siva wins his mother’s love and also manages his other affairs.

bonus points

although dhruva sarja takes time to like him due to his hunky looks, he does a good job in his role. her appearance, body language, and expressions are very well suited to the movie’s nativity. dhruva sarja and rashmika’s chemistry is also quite good in the film and conjures up some decent fun.

rashmika is also good at her nerdy look and plays her role convincingly. the comedy quotient in her role is good. the emotional scenes in the second half are good. the director managed to evoke divine fun in the first half and brings the film to a decent breaking point.

negative points

The story of the film is pretty routine. Furthermore, the problems shown in the hero’s life seem a bit exaggerated and do not exist in today’s society. Also, the movie is a regular mass masala movie, so don’t expect much novelty in the proceedings. the love track is not as effective and could have been better.

While the movie’s flashback episode looks stylish, it’s full of predictable scenes. furthermore, there are some logics that are ruled out in this movie. all those who want to see rashmika in a longer role will be disappointed as she comes only for comedy and songs.

technical aspects

the editing of the film is not as good as the dubbing. the camera work is good, as is the music and background music. the production values ​​of the film are top notch as the money spent shows up on screen. Also, the director did not show things in a special way and narrated the film in a truly commercial way with Dhruva Sarja in mind.


Overall, pogaru is a full blown masala movie made for the masses. As for novelty, nothing new is shown in this movie. but dhruv sarja is unique and convincingly plays his role as a mass. if you like outrageous humor and massive atmosphere, this movie is for you. but otherwise, you can find something else. rating: 2.5/5

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