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Review : Power Play – Entertains in parts |

Power play movie review

Raj Tharun and director Vijay Kumar Konda have teamed up once again after Orrey Bujjiga for a serious movie called Power Play. the film has been released today and let’s see how it goes.


vijay(raj tharun) loves keerthy(hemal ingle) and decides to marry her. he too is about to get a good government job. True, when the couple convinces their elders to marry, a counterfeit bill scam lands Vijay in big trouble and things fall apart. what is this scam? who is behind and how did vijay solve his problems by himself? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

Raj Tharun puts a radical spin on his lover boy image and does well in his serious role. he has changed his body language, dialogue delivery and gestures for this role and gives an impressive performance. heroine hemal looked flawless in his homey appearance and played the part of him convincingly.

The main villain, Ajay, was at his usual best in this movie. the track of the hero, the characters related to him are shown quite well in the film. the twists in the second half and the way the suspense is revealed look good.

Another great attraction was the poor heroine, who played a special role. was excellent and brings a solid effect to the film in key scenes. the rest of the cast and the color tone of this thriller was also good.

negative points:

The concept of the film is good, but the emotions required are not up to par. the fake note scam raised about the hero seems a bit over the top and could have been unleashed in a better way. there are so many scenes that drag this episode down and make things boring.

some emotions in the film seem a bit forced in the first half. the love track and the chemistry between the main couple is boring. aside from the twist in the second half, the rest of the procedures end up not being as effective.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch and special mention should be made of the camera work, which is impressive. every setting and lighting set to create a serious mood looks good in this thriller. the editing is adequate and so was the production design. the bgm is also good and elevates even the dull scenes.

referring to the director vijay, he has done an acceptable job. His writing could have been more effective, but the way he showed emotion and ended the movie looked good.


Overall, Power Play is a crime thriller that has some interesting moments here and there. Raj Tharun does well in his new avatar and the twists shown in the second half are executed quite well. Barring the dull thrills and some dragging crime scenes in the first half, this movie ends like a passable clock if you have nothing else to do. rating: 2.75/5

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