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Rajakumara review. Rajakumara Kannada movie review, story, rating –

Rajakumara kannada movie review

Video Rajakumara kannada movie review

Rajakumara review. Rajakumara Kannada movie review, story, rating -

santosh anand ram in his second film has shown that he is an excellent business thinker with some valuable content that is entertaining and appealing to family audiences. in his ‘mr and mrs ramachari’ he worked under the shadow of sahasa simha vishnuvardhana. in this ‘rajakumara’ has given a disturbing cinema with the icon dr rajakumar nuances and principles in the script. the point of ‘yoga and yogyathe’ (deserving man and skill) is the point of contact dr rajakumar makes a striking point through the character prakash rai. it is ‘yogyathe’ that the protagonist accumulated in his life as a good samaritan in the movie. Star power Puneeth Rajakumar as the film’s main lead is perfect for the role and is reminiscent of his father, Dr. rajakumar, in more than a dozen situations. at first, what sudeep had done to his brother in ‘hebbuli’, power star puneeth rajakumar does for his father in this ‘rajakumara’, cleaning the black spot. the first half is luxurious and beautiful, the second half touches your heart and can lead to the transformation of the minds that watch the movie. the hombale films giving everything to the cinema has shown that the luxury in making is at the height of any Indian film. the technical knowledge of this director and 148 minutes ‘rajakumara’ is a healthy animator. however, the commercial cinema formula deployed remains the same. the mixture of family values, human values, and the themes of society are very well loaded in a commercial cinema of five songs and five actions. santosh anand ram never stops paying attention to the movie. Also, some of the best stars in the movie give a wonderful feel to the movie. while power star puneeth rajakumar has the sole intention of giving her father ashok (sarath kumar), a business tycoon who cleans blackheads, the house of ‘kasthuri nivasa’, which was an orphanage converted, a good name in a nursing home in two decades, attracts special attention. god has given all and taken all – the dialogue of the protagonist siddarth alias appu (puneeth rajakumar) is a philosophical point. but the god who still gives him wealth so that he reaches the poor and needy is what the director sought to do something good. After Siddarth loses all of his family members in a plane crash, he arrives at the place where he was chosen: an orphanage run by Krishna (Achyuthkumar). When Appu was a teenager, Ashok, a business tycoon, adapted it. the children’s home is now a ‘kasthuri nivasa’ home for the elderly. Appu’s twin motto is to cleanse the black spot that has come to Ashok’s father and then give a lively life to the inmates of the nursing home. of course, in the process he has to accept difficult challenges. he succeeds in his mission. Power Star Puneeth Rajakumar rocks in every scene he appears with grace and grandeur. The dance, the action, the dialogue delivery, the emotions and the liveliness, he proves again that he is the son of Dr Rajakumara in ‘Rajakumara’. priya anand looks pretty and misses in the second half. avinash, achyuth kumar, tamil star sarath kumar (dubbed kannada in his voice), dattanna, ananthnag, prakash rai, sridhar, bhargavi narayan are extremely good. Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, and Rangayana Raghu handle comedy tracks with ease. the 148 minute ‘rajakumara’ is glorious in cinematography and melodious in music. venkatesh anguraj offers a nice view of australia. One shot in particular showing Lord Raghavendra Swamy’s portrait with Puneeth Rajakumar strikes the mind. gombe aduthaithe…..the crux of this movie sung by vijayaprakash is to have the correct location in the movie. appa james bond, maga anna bond…..and yakingide….sung by puneeth rajakumar shows power star’s dancing ability. the dialogues of this film are well measured and special mention to make up for puneeth rajakumar who is quite different from other films. this is a good family watch; young people think about their mistakes, old people get relief, puneeth rajakumar fans have a lot of fun.

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