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Raju gari gadi movie review

Video Raju gari gadi movie review

anchor turned director, ohmkar didn’t see much luck with her debut cinematic genius. she now she has switched gears and is back with a comedy horror raju gari gadhi. The movie promos have done a great click and have created quite a buzz for the movie which is released today. let’s see how it is.


The story takes place in the middle of the dangerous Raju Gari Mahal in Nandima. all those who try to find out the mystery of him are meticulously killed. To cash in on this hot topic, a popular TV channel is planning a reality show in the dreaded bungalow.

The channel selects a group of youngsters and challenges them to spend a week in the dreaded house and win a huge cash prize of 3 million rupees. the rest of the story is how this group manages to survive this challenge and discover what is really inside this raju gari gadhi.

positive points:-

The main asset of the film is the humorous content of the film. Credit must fully go to Shakalaka Shankar and Dhanraj for their hilarious roles. these two comedians are the main stay and generate excellent comedy in the first half. while shakala shankar elicits superb laughs with his accent and religious satires from him, dhanraj is superb as the shivudu village aficionado.

Omkar’s brother Ashwin looks good in his role and so does Dhanya Balakrishna. chetan cheenu gets a meaty role and does the best he can. the first half of the movie is a riot of laughter and has some hilarious comedy episodes.

The second half goes into a cliffhanger mode and has some engaging moments. some exciting and creepy moments have been handled well. vidyu raman is quite good and shows good comedy along with dhanraj and shankar.

negative points:-

after setting up an excellent first half, the second half gets a bit bogged down. It’s not that the movie is bad during this time, but the audience is so eager to find out what this raju gari gadhi really is, that the proceedings veer off and end in a simple way.

ohmkar should have taken care to reveal the facts behind the raju gari gadhi. however, he takes the movie in a completely different direction and makes it serious. certain logics are lost and the character of saptagiri does not work well. instead, he makes the movie silly and diverts attention.

technical aspects:-

the mahal set is quite impressive and credit must go to art director sahi suresh for creating a quite enticing premise. the songs in the movie are ok, but the background score by sai karthik is quite good. The script is decent as Ohmkar manages to conjure up some decent entertainment and manages a suspense factor in part two.

referring to director omkar, he has done an excellent job with the first half, but he could have handled the second part in a better way. It can be said that his second attempt as a director is impressive and he has a long way to go.


Overall, ragu gari gadhi surprises you with decent entertainment. A hilarious first half, superb performances from Shakalaka Shankar and Dhanraj are the main assets. If you can get past the lackluster and bogged down second half, you can give this movie a shot this weekend. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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