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Red movie telugu review

Video Red movie telugu review

red is a movie that was delayed due to the lockdown. the movie was finally released during sankranthi and now let’s see what the movie is like.


ram plays the dual role of aditya and siddharth in red. While Siddharth is an engineer by profession, Aditya is a con man. one fine day a guy named akash is killed and siddharth is arrested. The twist in the story comes when Aditya also gets involved in the same case. who has killed akash? what is all the flashback behind this muder? what makes up the story?

positive points:

as always, ram does an excellent job and in this movie, it plays a dual role. the variations in both characters have been very well shown by the star hero. but, if you point it out, he was just as good as siddharth with the cool attitude and looks of him. Malavika Sharma looks pretty but she doesn’t have much to do in the movie.

Sampath is good as a cop and Vennela Kishore conjures up some comedy in some scenes. the comedian satya is also good in the role of him. posani was fine and so was the cop featured in the movie.

The second half is a bit better compared to the first. the interval block, the confusion in the investigation has been shown very well in some scenes. nivetha pethuraj is almost fine in the role of her.

negative points:

one of the biggest drawbacks is that the film is not attractive. from the very first scene, the movie is shown in a boring way as there is no control over the proceedings. the research seems silly since nivetha’s role is weak and doesn’t create any impact.

Other than that, the length of the movie is quite slow. the actual story begins only during the time slot. the hero has a girlfriend and the policemen ignore her in her investigation and this seems silly. Also, it is not clear why nivetha helps the hero. there are so many such logics that they are discarded.

technical aspects:

film production values ​​are acceptable. the camera work was good and it shows the film in a good light. the dialogues are impressive and so was the entire montage of the film. production design is good and so was mani sharma’s bgm.

referring to director kishore tirumala, he has done a boring job with this thriller. his script is weak and fails to make the viewer feel excited about knowing who the murderer is. he should have cast better actors as cops since the entire movie is set in a police station and investigation is a priority. but sadly, that doesn’t happen.


Overall, red is a suspenseful thriller that works here and there. the story idea is good and ram leads from the front with the impressive acting from him. but the script is weak, the twists and the narration are also jaded, which makes this movie a good choice to watch this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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