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Review : Zombie Reddy – Decent thrills and fun |

Reddy telugu movie review

zombie reddy is a movie that has created a lot of hype with its promos. Directed by Prashanth Varma, this movie has hit the screens today. Let’s see how the movie is.


mario(teja sajja) is a game developer who is having problems with his game software. his friend (rj hemanth) is the only option to fix it. To meet him, Mario along with his friends go to a small town in Kurnool. Along the way, a madman bites Mario’s friend (Kiereeti). this leads to everyone in the town being affected. little by little they begin to turn into zombies. How Mario will get out of this deadly situation forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

the story idea of ​​the movie is good and director prashanth varma should be thanked for bringing the zombie concept and placing it in the backdrop of seema. this makes things interesting. Prashanth doesn’t go overboard and makes the movie quite simple and easy to understand for everyone. there is comedy, suspense and emotion in equal doses.

teja sajja plays the main lead and is quite impressive in her debut film. The young actor has a good screen presence and also handles the serious emotions and the action part quite well. the heroine anandi gets a good role and is very impressive. his appearance and her turn in the role were well recorded. Mirchi Hemanth is good in the long role of him and conjures up some decent fun.

The second half is where the real fun begins. the zombie concept is presented in full flow without losing any logic. getup sreenu needs a special mention here as his comedy keeps the audience interested and the young comedian does very well with his antics. daksha nagarkar is also good in the role of him. the two actors who played the faction leaders have also done a good job.

The camera work needs a special mention along with the art department and makeup artists. creating zombies is not an easy job and with a limited budget, the result of the makeup and the images are very good. 30 years old prudhvi is also good in the role of him. The supporting cast, especially Kireeti, have done well as the guy who is obsessed with his health. the way he turns into a zombie and shows the wild side of him is very good in the movie.

negative points:

one of the drawbacks of the film is the slowness of the first half. the director does not highlight the zombie concept and concentrates on the part of the faction in the town. because all of this happens, the director is left with no choice but to fill the lead-up and the hiatus with a sudden fury of zombie events. this seems a bit rushed.

There should have been more scenes to raise the seriousness of the zombies in the plot. to create comedy, the lethal effect of zombies is diluted and this seems a bit exaggerated. the movie is over in two hours and you get the feeling that there should at least be a few scenes for things to be effective.

technical aspects:

As said before, the film is very solid in its technical aspects. the bgm is awesome and so was the production design. the dialogues are funny and the script is impressive in the second half.

referring to the director prashanth varma, he has done a decent job after his failure in the film kalki. he chooses a good concept and keeps the procedures simple and attractive. adds good comedy and suspense to end the second half decently. if he had made the first half engaging, things would have been even effective.


Overall, zombie reddy is a time pass masala movie that has a very good premise. decent comedy, engaging thrills, and a tense second half are staple assets. if you ignore the slow first half and a few over-the-top scenes here and there, this movie wraps up like a decent clock this weekend. rating: 3/5

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