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Repentance is a 2014 supernatural thriller in which the son of a woman killed by a drunk driver and (apparently) her ghost seek revenge for the crime that occurred. Repentance (2014) has a mixed occult and pagan worldview with strong foul language and graphic violence. not to be confused with the 1984 great russian allegory on the tyranny of joseph stalin.

regret opens with two brothers who are drunk and driving at night. while crossing a bridge, the driver, tommy (anthony mackie), hits a woman, loses control, crashes and is knocked unconscious. His brother, Ben (Mike Epps), comes out to find the lady seriously injured, probably dying. when tommy regains consciousness, he sees her brother pick up the woman, walk to the car and then, shaking his head, walk away from the car, pick up the woman’s body and throw her over the bridge. they both accelerate.

four years later, tommy is a successful author and new age therapist. he’s having a book signing for his new book about his near-death experience. A man named Angel (Forest Whitaker) arrives at the book signing. his book is very worn from several readings. he says that he helped her deal with the death of his mother. angel asks tommy if he would be his therapist because he still has a hard time seeing his mother dead in various places as if she were still alive. Tommy initially refuses.

meanwhile, tommy’s brother, ben, has been in jail for another crime. Upon his release, he asks Tommy for money to pay off his debt for a criminal deal gone wrong. To earn extra money to help Ben, Tommy takes Angel as his client and adds more cities to his book tour.

angel is clearly emotionally upset after his mother’s death and wants tommy to help him stop seeing apparitions of her. tommy performs a meditation ceremony at angel’s house with his family to bring angel’s mother safely to heaven for peace. When it doesn’t work, and Angel still sees his mom, Angel kicks everyone but his youngest daughter, Francesca (Ariana Neal), out of the house.

Later, when Tommy is leaving town for his book tour, Angel kidnaps him. Tommy is bound and gagged, tortured and hidden in Angel’s soundproof basement. angel then starts quoting tommy’s book and performs tommy’s therapeutic practices on it. however, angel is very violent and conducts the “therapy” sessions in a violent and twisted manner. he puts a bag over tommy’s head as if to suffocate him, but eventually opens a small vent hole. angel stabs tommy with a long metal rod that goes through one side of tommy’s thigh and out the other side. Angel also kidnaps Ben and Tommy’s wife Maggie (Sanaa Lathan) and continues to torture Tommy. he clearly wants tommy and ben to confess to killing angel’s mother, but will they?

spoilers follow: tommy and ben finally confess what happened that night on the bridge. they had no idea that the murdered woman was angel’s mother. just as they are about to die, angel has to leave to see francesca. she tells angel how her grandmother talks to her and tells her things to help angel let go. Her daughter’s confession inspires Angel to return to the torture chamber and open the door to set his victims free.

Ángel leaves them and takes his daughter out of the house. Tommy is the only one with a free hand. he falsely believes that his life is now over and takes the gun that is on the table to shoot himself. As Angel and Francesca walk out of the courtyard, a shot is heard and Angel’s dead mother waves from an upstairs window as Angel and her little daughter continue to walk away.

regret is somewhat entertaining, but the ending is disappointing, not to say annoying. however, Forest Whitaker’s performance as an angel is exceptional and believable, albeit bloody. the biggest problem is the worldview of the film, which involves new age pagan and occult content, including transcendental meditation and communication with a dead person. repentance also has excessive foul language and extreme, disturbing violence, including torture.

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