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little known facts about robert frost

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At the end of his long life, Robert Frost was the √©minence grise of American letters, a man whose legend preceded him and who often helped promulgate that legend. Yet Brian Hall represents a Robert Frost who is distinctly more complex than most of us encounter in high school, that “rustic simple,” that plain-spoken New Englander extolling the virtues of country life. consider these infrequently mentioned details of the frost myth:

  • the bard from rural new england was actually born in san francisco and raised there until he was eleven, when his father died. His father had requested to be buried in his hometown of Lawrence, Massachusetts, and his mother moved there with Frost and her sister after fulfilling that last wish.
  • Frost was a terrible farmer. he seemed to enjoy raising chickens, but he was afraid of cows and erratic in his work habits, preferring to go for walks and go back to sitting at the kitchen table and writing poetry. he spent his entire life protesting that he only “played” farming, but nothing he said dented the public image of the farmer-poet.
  • Frost lied about her age for much of her life. he claimed to have been born in 1875, when he was actually born a year earlier. he thought he could get away with it because his birth certificates were destroyed in the san francisco fire. Why would he subtract a year from his age? According to Hall, Frost believed for many years that his mother had been pregnant with him when she married her father. he lied to protect his virtue. even after finding out that his parents got married earlier than he thought, he kept the lie but enjoyed hinting at it in his poems. Ultimately, his biographer discovered the truth from newly discovered documents, and Frost was forced to come clean.
  • The quintessential American poet found his first success in England. After twenty years of failure among American publishers, he finally brought out his first collection, A Boy’s Will, in London in 1913, which caught the attention of Ezra Pound, who later he became a major champion. of Frost’s work. Henry Holt published the book in the United States in 1915 with great success.
  • Though he loved his wife Elinor very much, they were a distant couple, and Frost could never get over the guilt he felt for burdening her with so many children and immersing himself in her poetry. Just six months after she died in 1938, he began an affair with Kathleen Morrison, a married woman who lived near him and acted as his secretary until her death in 1963.
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