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After being in the works for over 2 years, Puri Jagannadh and Charmme’s latest production, Romantic, has finally opened in theaters around the world amidst a decent buzz. The film marks Puri’s son Akash Puri’s third film as a hero. Delhi Instagram beauty Ketika Sharma makes her acting debut with the film. Let’s see how the movie is.


romantic is set against the background of the goan drug mafia. Vasco da Gama (akash puri) is a cunning ruffian who chooses crime to earn a fortune and fulfill his grandmother’s (rama prabha) dream. He and his childhood friend, Annie, join Mr. Rodriguez’s most notorious gang of Goa’s drug mafia. Before long, Vasco becomes a kingpin in the Goa underworld. Vasco falls in love with the charms and beauty of a young musician named Monica (Ketika Sharma).

After a failed drug deal, Vasco kills Rodriguez and proclaims himself the new mafia king of Goa. In the process, he kills a Si and that is when a dutiful and ruthless ACP Ramya Gowarikar (Ramya Krishna) is transferred from Mumbai to Goa for Basque Nab. Will Ramya succeed in his mission? What will happen to Vasco and Monica’s torrid relationship? you’ll have to watch the movie to find out the rest.

positive points:

compared to his first movie mehbooba, akash puri has improved a lot and gives an impressive performance. his confident screen presence and dialogue delivery are his main assets. charges with the film in several crucial scenes. delhi girl ketika sharma will win many admirers for her sultry beauty. Her acting is decent considering this is her debut.

ramya krishna as a sincere policeman is another high point of romanticism. The story is aptly narrated through Ramya’s voiceover. the last act of the film, especially the climax, is quite engaging and audiences will leave theaters feeling heavy. In the end, the way Vasco and Monica realize their love for each other has a lot of heart. hero ram makes a massive appearance in a special song in his avatar ‘ustaad’.

negative points:

During the first half, one can’t help but wonder why the filmmakers titled the film romantic. the first half, including the opening 15 minutes of the second half, are dominated by action and show little romance.

akash plays a character who seems too heavy for his age. Also, the way his character rises to the top in a short amount of time is just too silly and simplistic. The hero lusting after the beauty of the heroine’s “back” is in bad taste, but again, such characters are quite common in Puri Jagannadh movies. the hero’s lust for the heroine and his advances towards him seem embarrassing and even unconvincing.

technical aspects:

romantic’s story gives you a feeling of deja vu from movies like pokiri, srk’s raees and puri’s 143. the story offers nothing new and is completely based on the performances of the main actors. characterizations, story settings, creation, and even dialogue bear the signature of puri jagannadh. Director Anil Paduri makes a decent debut and scores well in handling the actors from him. however, his script is very redundant and average.

music composer sunil kashyap is one of the main pillars of romanticism. he picks up the beat with his catchy, punchy songs and raunchy background score. the editing is adequate, as is the cinematography. Goa’s picturesque beaches and rustic locations are well captured. production values ​​are decent for the story and scale.


Overall, romantic is a captivating drama. The film has Puri Jagannadh’s signature written all over it. Akash Puri’s confident performance, rookie Ketika Sharma’s glamor and acting, and Sunil Kashyap’s songs are the highlights of this otherwise ordinary love story set in a drug mafia setting. you can see romantic this weekend, but we advise you to keep your expectations in check. rating: 3/5

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